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Sendy Overview with SES and SNS

In this article, we will walk you through how to send an email campaign using Sendy, which uses the Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) and Amazon SES (Simple Email Service). Although hundreds of free email marketing softwares are available online, we at Dignitas use Sendy as it uses Amazon SMTP server which dodges the spam box folder of almost all the email clients easily.


If Sendy is not set up yet, you can check out the installation process here.


  1. Login into your Sendy dashboard. You will have a view of all your existing email group list, which are called brands.


  1. Click on the Add a Brand button and complete the necessary details in the form.


Now here is a catch. While entering your From Email it will verify that your email is verified from the SES console. If your email is not verified, you will receive an error saying Unverified ‘From email’: Your ‘From email’, (or its domain) is either not verified in your AWS Management Console or it is not verified in the same region as what is selected in your main settings.


It is better to verify your email first and then set up a new brand. To verify your email, login into AWS Management Console.

  1. Search and select SES. On the SES homepage, you will see a menu on the left. Go to Email Addresses. Click on Verify a New Email Address. This will send out a verification email on the specified email. Click on the verification link and you will see your email as Verified in green color in Amazon SES.


Now you need to set up the SNS for capturing bounces and complaints about your campaign.

  1. Search and select SNS. This directs you to SNS Home. From the left menu select Topics. Click on create a New Topic. Fill out the necessary details here. You will be creating two topics – One for setting up Bounces and others for setting up Complaints.


Once your Topics are set, create subscriptions on the same page.

  1. Click on Topic, click on create subscription button. Now Select the protocol as HTTP, then define your end point. The endpoint will be in the following format – http://yourdomain/sendy/includes/campaigns/bounces.php. In other words, includes/campaigns/bounces.php should be appended at the end of your installation URL for setting Bounce endpoints. The same will be done for complaints. In the URL bounces.php will be replaced by complaints.php.


Next, go back to SES again.

  1. Select the email addresses from the left menu. Then go to your latest email which you have verified. Select the email address and click on View Details. Now Expand Notifications and click on Edit Configuration. Then select the Bounces and Complaints which you have created in the above step for this brand. After this click on Save Config.


  1. Login into Sendy Panel and go to the new brand you created. Click on Add New campaign. You will see Brand From Name, From Email and Reply to Email prepopulate.


  1. On the right side, you can start adding your email content. You can create the HTML template for your email and use it under the Source section. Click on Save.


You can send test emails to yourself before sending out the campaign. This helps to preview the email template once before sending out to your lists. The most important thing is to add an Unsubscribe tag at the bottom of the email campaign. If not, your Sendy account will be blocked.


Now the Recipient part.

  1. Create your list with the columns, Name and Email Address. Save this in.CSV format. Go to your brand, from the left menu, select View All Lists. Here you can upload the .CSV list for your email campaign.


Once your emailer is completely set up in Sendy, select the list for the recipients from left-hand side drop-down menu and click on Send Newsletter. Your first campaign for the new brand is sent.


We use Sendy at Dignitas Digital for our reputed clients. In case you would like to send email campaigns for your brand, you can email us at the

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Mansi Basantani