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Telerik Reporting vs Power BI or Tableau

Before the comparison starts, I would like to make it very clear that I absolutely love Telerik (this is not sponsored by them!). They have the most amazing products and the best customer service (after Amazon) I have experienced. This article concentrates more on why I would choose Tableau or Microsoft Power BI vs Telerik Reporting.


They are created for business intelligence

Tableau and Power BI are specialized tools built for data analysis and do one thing very well. That is the reason why they are industry leaders in that space.


Less programming skills are required

Telerik needs programming skills. That is not the case for the others, but you need some programming skills like DAX  (Data Analysis Expressions) for Power BI which helps in advanced data manipulation, but not in Tableau.


Vast connections

You can have your data in any format or database, MySQL, MongoDB, Excel CSV, and connections to AWS and EC2 exist inside Tableau and Power BI. Things are not so simple in Telerik Reporting.



Certifications for Tableau and Power BI are available for those who are required to use them. Though Telerik has a Kendo UI certification, the ecosystem is lacking and not as vibrant as the others.


More sellable skillset

Tableau and Power BI are used more than Telerik Reporting, however, the product is more mature and has more usage across enterprises. Some people have built their careers on these tools and hence it is a more sellable skillset.


If you would like to use Telerik for your custom .NET application or leverage their Kendo UI, please do read my other blog article here. Do you think we missed anything, if yes, please feel free to contact us at We would love to know your thoughts as well.


Rishi Rais