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Dignitas Digital is a top-performing digital agency based in Philadelphia, PA, renowned for its award-winning work in the industry. With a global presence, we provide exceptional software development, mobile applications, and digital marketing services that are both agile and scalable.

Our impressive portfolio of over 100 satisfied clients spans across four continents, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. At Dignitas Digital, we deliver exceptional value through unparalleled expertise and a client-focused approach that sets us apart from the competition.

web analytics through graphs on a laptop
web analytics through graphs on a laptop

What DOES Dignitas MEAN?

The word “Dignitas” comes from Latin and has several meanings, including “dignity”, “esteem”, “honor”, and “worth”. In ancient Rome, the term was often used to refer to a person’s social status, reputation, or standing in society.

In the context of our digital agency named Dignitas Digital, the word “Dignitas” implies our commitment to upholding the values of dignity, honor, and respect in our work, as well as a dedication to providing high-quality services that reflect positively on our clients’ brands and reputations.

Setting ourselves apart by providing excellence in service and being true to our core values has been our goal since day one.


The Dignitas Difference!

“A company is as strong as the team working for it”
At Dignitas Digital, we understand that a company is as strong as the team behind it. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to cultivate a team of exceptional software engineers who possess specialized programming skills along with data-driven digital marketers. By identifying and nurturing raw talent, we’ve transformed our small, decade-old agency of less than 50 employees into a thriving organization with a track record of excellence in application development for SMEs and Fortune-100 companies alike.
With over 90% client retention and glowing referrals, we take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.
Our unique Hybrid Agency setup is another key factor that sets us apart from the competition.
web analytics through graphs on a laptop
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Team Members

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Years of Experience

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Projects Completed

500 +
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Awards Won

20 +
Founded in 2012 by two alumni of the University of Pennsylvania, Dignitas Digital started off as a web development company with just 3 employees.



The first setup was in a basement, that evolved to a small 1BR apartment in a village, eventually giving way to a custom office space that houses over 25 employees.
Over the years, Dignitas Digital evolved into a full-service digital agency, having its presence in 3 countries and serving clients in over 10.



Penetrated in the IOT market, writing software that works with hardware among other applications for successful startups.
Created a custom software suite with 8 applications for a Fortune-50 organization, that is used by the C-Level executives.



Won recognition in national and international competitions.
Consulted several startups, taking them from idea to product. Re-imagined the web presence of an eclectic theater in NJ. Consulted with non-profits to enhance fundraising through strategic digital marketing. 



We consulted for Ralph Lauren to re-shape their corporate website while optimizing the site for search engines.  We continued our work with startups, helping them create fantastic products, paving their way for success.

The pandemic re-shaped our agency like it did for most of the businesses in the world. We adapted to becoming a fully-remote team. Our business development team worked extra hours and were able to land some big projects in the midst of the chaos which continued to provide challenging work to our team. We started building a virtual museum, an enterprise app for improving sustainability goals, among other great projects. 

Nielsberg ranked us among the Top Digital Marketing agencies of Philadelphia, 2020. 



We were ranked amongst the top B2B software development providers in Pennsylvania by Clutch. We launched 6 mobile apps and 5 new web applications for our clients. 

2022 was our strongest year in our decade-long presence. We were ranked among the Top Software Development Companies in Philadelphia by Clutch, Expertise.com, DesignRush and  Good Firms. 



We've come a long way over the past decade, and we're proud to say that our hard work and dedication have paid off. Our recent #1 ranking on the Top 100 Software Development Companies in Philadelphia by The Manifest is a testament to the commitment of our team and the trust and support of our clients. We're excited about what the future holds and confident in our ability to continue delivering outstanding results for our clients.