AWS Cloud Migration Services

Our AWS migration services enable businesses to migrate their on-premise data, legacy applications, and other information to cloud environments. The migration can also be carried out between different cloud platforms. This managed service is completely safe and easy to execute when worked out by cloud computing experts at Dignitas Digital.

AWS is a secured cloud platform for a company to move its IT infrastructure, databases, technologies, websites, and servers from a local and private data center to the cloud environment by AWS. The assets of the organization are virtualized on the remotely located computing infrastructure provided by the AWS datacentre. By leveraging the power of remote cloud servers, we can help your business with improved growth, scalability, and flexibility in a cost-effective manner.

AWS cloud migration services

Why Should You Consider Migrating to the Cloud?

You should consider migrating to the cloud if any of these are your current issues:

➡ Do you have a very high capital expense?

Using the cloud, you do not have to make any upfront payment (unless you want to go for a dedicated plan which will anyway be way cheaper than buying your own infrastructure). Hence using the cloud, you get rid of capital expenses but have operational expenses.

➡ You currently use services like Godaddy and Hostgator as they are economical?

If you are getting good traffic on your website it is time to migrate to a service provider having a better ecosystem. AWS has more than 100 services dedicated to making your experience smooth so that you can concentrate on your business.

➡ Time to Market and Scale

With support for both vertical and horizontal scaling your website is not going to down anytime. With almost 100% uptime guarantee by AWS.

➡ High monthly costs

If the application has been architectured properly, then your costs should not be burning a hole in your pocket.

➡ Outdated applications

Depending on the complexity of your application we can decouple the services to ensure they fit in the modern paradigm and fit the architecture for the cloud.

Dignitas Digital has vast experience in migrating small and mid-level businesses to the cloud. We have helped more than a dozen clients in this process. If you would like to have a conversation around your architecture please get in touch with us.

Our AWS Migration Process Includes:

Though migrating to AWS clouds is a complex process, there are certain steps that we follow to ensure a successful migration. Our AWS cloud migration services involve a careful assessment of the requirements, planning, migrating, innovating, and maintenance.
Here are the general steps for migrating to the AWS cloud environments that we indulge in.  

Strategy and Blueprinting

The first step is setting a strategy and creating a blueprint for the entire migration process. In this stage, we thoroughly assess your current IT infrastructure and identify the data, applications, and information that are required to be migrated. This may include the identification of dependencies and evaluation of performance and requirements to ensure security.


The next step we take is to create a detailed migration plan that specifies the migration approach, budget, and timetable. This planning needs to include any risks and difficulties that can appear during the execution of the migration procedure. Details of networking, storage, security, and migration strategy are also a part of our planning phase.


We determine the readiness of the process by enabling the setting up of the AWS cloud environment required to migrate applications and data of your organization. This will involve configuring the network and security settings such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), subnets, and security groups.

Migrate and Innovate

Now we will migrate your business applications, data, and services to the AWS clouds following the migration plan we developed at the earlier stages. We may engage strategies such as lift and shift, re-platforming, and re-architecting, to accomplish the migration task using our migration tools.

Management and Governance

Once we have completed the migration process, we will continue to manage and maintain the AWS environment to ensure its cost-effectiveness, dependability, and reliability. We will perform regular maintenance and updates on your migrated data and applications which may also involve things like applying security patches.

Returns on Your AWS Investment:

Migration and modernization go hand in hand when it is to shift the business to the cloud ecosystem. While the actual ROI may depend on factors such as the size of the infrastructure, specific services used, and supported workload, there are several benefits and returns
that we can talk about for your AWS investment.

Cost savings

AWS provides the pricing model of pay-as-you-go which allows making payments only for the resources that you use. This will significantly reduce costs compared to the traditional system of on-premise infrastructure which involves investments in hardware, software, and the recurrent costs of maintaining them.


According to your business demands, AWS enables you to scale up your resources. As a result, you can seamlessly change your infrastructure to match shifting demands without having to buy new hardware or other resources.


AWS implements security measures such as network security, data encryption, and physical security making it a safe environment for your essential business data. Moreover, Amazon’s compliance measures guarantee that AWS complies with numerous legal norms and regulations.


AWS cloud environment is a global infrastructure. It supports multiple availability zones and guarantees high availability and fault tolerance. This implies that even if a certain issue arises in a specific zone, your services and applications are still available and functioning.


AWS provides a wide array of cloud services so that you can choose the service required for your business. With AWS hybrid cloud services you can customize various components of your applications. AWS cloud allows the integration of several programming languages, applications, databases, operating systems, and other information. AWS services can be used for storage, computing, networking, databases, machine learning, and much more.

Why Choose Dignitas Digital as Your Cloud Migration Partner?

A global presence and an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients, we have been acing the digital sphere for the last decade. Dignitas Digital is a digital agency headquartered in Philadelphia, with several awards and accolades to boast of. Among our other eminent digital services, we offer top-end AWS cloud services that are designed to rebuild and upgrade your business to the next level of success.

We offer to help optimize your already existing infrastructure, lift and shift your current application for the cloud, or complete refactoring of your application to help leverage the cloud-based microservices architecture with our excellent AWS cloud migration services. Additionally, if you are testing your application for the cloud, or running a production load, we can help you with our cloud services.

With our tailored program of Cloud Consulting services, you will get to learn how to plan your migration strategy, govern your business data across various cloud environments, and the techniques you need to boost up the deployment of your business data and analytics capabilities on cloud premises.

Ready to Optimize Your Application Processes?

If your on-premise business is not reaping enough benefits, then it is time for you to migrate to a better computing environment.
Get in touch with us to see how we can transform your business apps with our AWS cloud migration services.

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