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Equip yourself with powerful SEO tools that can help you thrive in this competitive environment. These free SEO tools are designed to simplify your SEO tasks so that you can take your SEO game to the next level. Seamlessly analyze SERPs, review historical SERP results, optimize on-page elements, build strong links, and more.

Unleash the full potential of your digital marketing strategy with our collection of SEO tools. Check out our newly launched SERP checker tools: LocalLookup and SearchSight, designed exactly to help you gain SERP insights, optimize your online presence for localized searches and rank higher.

LocalLookup: Dominate Local Search Results with Precision

Unlock the potential of localized SERPs with LocalLookup, the ultimate Local SERP Checker. Whether you want to see search results from a specific city, country, or even ZIP code, this powerful tool empowers you to peek into the Google SERPs for any keyword – without using proxies and location-specific IP addresses. Gain valuable insights into how your website performs in different locations, spy on your competitors, and harness the power of local SEO like never before. All thanks to LocalLookup!

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serp comparison tool

SearchSight: Double the Search Power, Double the Results

Get ready to witness search engine supremacy with SearchSight – a powerful tool that lets you compare organic search engine results side by side from two search engine giants, Google and Bing. With this free Google and Bing SERP Checker, now gain insights into your website performance across both these giants or simply analyze on the organic competitors for your target keywords to fuel your SEO strategy.

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Take the first step towards dominating search engine rankings and attracting organic traffic by partnering with our expert SEO services. It’s time to stand out from the crowd and maximize your online visibility.

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Let us craft an optimized SEO strategy to boost your revenue and validate ROI. Our experts leverage proven SEO and content strategies to ensure your potential customers find your business easily on the web. To receive a customized proposal detailing our plan, pricing, and tailored SEO approach, get in touch with us today.


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If you’ve landed here, it’s probably because you’re facing one or more of these common challenges:

As a digital marketing agency, we understand these concerns and specialize in crafting tailored solutions to address them effectively. Let’s work together to enhance your online presence, drive traffic, and boost your business’s success.

As a leading provider of SEO services in the Philadelphia region, we take pride in the fact that you have reached this page from a popular search engine. Let us take your business in front of your potential customers the same way!

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Explore Your Business Objectives

We’ll delve into your company’s present and future goals to develop an SEO plan that perfectly matches your objectives and aspirations.

Conduct a market analysis

We’re committed to thoroughly examining your business competition, both overall and in search scenarios, to devise an effective strategy and action plan.

Evaluate your strategic goals

We’ll identify the primary goals outlined in your business roadmap and craft a customized strategic plan that seamlessly aligns with your objectives.


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Trusted by Clients

Over 100 clients served and that too just in a decade! However, our success story is not dependent on numbers and figures. It is the trust of our clients in us that we value the most. The fact that our clients keep coming back to us is not without a reason!

Result & Data-driven Approach

Yes, we are a bunch of data-driven marketers who only believe in results, next to God! No matter how complex or elaborate the SEO project is, we have never failed to deliver our best, and guess what? We are consistent players!

Transparency Through Clear Reporting

No sweeping under the carpet, we are always hand-in-hand with transparency! If we have earned the trust of our clients, then transparent reporting is a strong reason for it.

Managed by SEO Experts

A team that breathes SEO is surely a boon to any Philly SEO company. We are a team of accomplished professionals adept in the application of SEO concepts. We work tirelessly to optimize your website and increase its visibility and rankings on SERPs.

Tailored SEO Plans/Packages

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We understand that each business is unique in its own way and needs customized SEO plans and packages for better results.

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A Winning SEO Strategy for Your Business

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Where trusted partnerships, data-driven excellence, transparent reporting, expert SEO management, and bespoke solutions converge for your brand’s triumph!

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Discover excellence with Dignitas Digital – your award-winning SEO partner. Elevate your brand’s success journey now!

Accelerate your SEO ROI with Our SEO Plans

Search engine optimization has been long proven to make revenue growth a reality. That being said, how to gauge the amount of revenue your business can generate with an expert SEO strategy? Well, Dignitas Digital can answer that on your behalf with our SEO plans. Be assured the answer can be overwhelming!

Our extensively curated SEO plan will help your business to:

SEO Plans and Pricing


All of our packages are focused on helping your business generate more traffic and leads through SEO.


Starting Price

$1,999 / MO

Averaging $200/KW


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$2,499 / MO

Averaging $166/KW


Starting Price

$3,749 / MO

Averaging $150/KW

Number Of Focus Keywords Up to 10 Up to 15 Up to 25
Local / National SEO
Target Locations One Up to Two Up to Two
Initial Review And Analysis
Technical Website Analysis & Opportunity Report
Backlink Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Comprehensive SEO Strategy