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Better online visibility, better brand awareness, and eventually better business! If that is what you are seeking, then Dignitas Digital has the very best paid advertising solutions for your business. We offer top of the line online advertising services in Philadelphia that will help your business by improving lead quality, attracting sales, and providing measurable results through enhanced revenue generation.

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, digital marketers employ a variety of strategies to keep one step ahead of their rivals. In these circumstances, we as an unparalleled digital marketing agency concentrate on enhancing your paid marketing and advertising tactics to achieve the highest outcomes. Paid marketing is an excellent way of deriving better brand exposure for your company to your potential customers. If done right, paid marketing from a trustworthy digital marketing agency, can be more than worthwhile.

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online advertising services in Philly

Get Visibility with Our Digital Advertising Services

online advertising services in Philadelphia

Over the recent years, it has been evident that digital marketing is nowhere to go! We can say that through some stats like:

    ➡ The budget for social media ad campaigns is estimated to grow by 11%.

    ➡ 77% of Twitter users acknowledge brands that have higher engagements with their tweets.

    ➡ Not all sponsored search results are viewed. 70-80% of these ads are ignored.

    ➡ 84% of online users appreciate brands that create continuous and worthy content.

Thus, if you want to maximize the potentials of your ad campaigns, it is best to opt for online advertising. Among all digital ad methods, paid advertising works the best. Our team of experts offers various types of online advertising services. Here are some of them for you.  

✓ Remarketing

A remarketing ad is one type of paid marketing campaign which is used to re-engage your audiences. It is a way of following up with visitors who are potential customers but have not progressed with any purchase action. It is to encourage them to take action profitable for your business. Also, known as retargeting, and is capable of increasing sales to a great extent, as past visitors have a high probability of taking action.

✓ Programmatic advertising

Where traditional advertisements go through a long process of ad placements, programmatic campaigns can streamline the process in very less time, merely a few seconds. In this ad method, the placement of ads and handling of sales is done through AI and machine learning.

✓ Social media advertising

Social media is a powerful digital medium for placing paid online advertisements. In this technique, an online ad agency with some social media experts place ads on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Since 28% of internet users spend more time on social media platforms, social media advertising has the most promising future.

✓ Pay-per-click advertising

PPC or pay per click advertising is a form of digital advertising in which a business generates an advertisement and pays for each click users make. It is free to post online and costs are only charged when users connect or engage with the ad campaign.

Why is Online Advertising So Important?

With the rapid growth of technology, it is critical to have a thriving online presence for a business to be successful. Online advertising is essential to ensure that a business receives its required brand visibility and eventually could generate enough return on investment or ROI. Among several reasons why you should go for online advertising, here are some for your know-how.

Online Customers

Due to the increasing use of smartphones and the internet, online marketing is a very promising strategy. Currently, there are more than 4.2 billion internet users. Any business promoting online would be instantly exposed to the large mass and it is more likely to gain traction for sales. By investing in digital marketing, you are increasing your chances of reaching your potential customers.

Increases Brand Visibility

If you want to increase your brand visibility, nothing can work better and faster than online ad campaigns. Through online advertising services, you are exposing your business to billions of people using the internet. Now, without even having to physically do anything your business will be visible all time and people can access your business whenever they want.

Drives Quality Lead

We can say that traditional marketing is not target-oriented as it will reach both interested and uninterested leads. However, online marketing mostly targets audiences who are more likely to be interested in your products or services.

Competitive Advantages

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you have to avail services that your rivals are taking advantage of. You cannot fall behind the competition when internet marketing is so easy to obtain.

Two-way Communication

While traditional advertising is a one-way communication, online advertisements are more of a two-way communication mode. If your audiences have some queries or concerns, almost always online advertisements create the opportunity for them to contact your business. Whether it is a social media post, pay per click ad, or any other form of digital marketing material, you can provide your clients with a way to contact you.

Allows Multitasking

You can now run multiple ad campaigns using digital medium of marketing. You can handle millions of customers at a time, take on multiple transactions, and provide each one of them with a quality experience, all the time obtaining more conversions.

Personalization of Viewer Experience

It is a huge positive point if your marketing strategies promote a custom experience for each of your viewers. Personalized marketing ads not only make your audience feel more important but also narrows down your search for potential customers. This in turn helps in generating better qualified leads.

Why Choose Dignitas Digital as Your Advertising Partner?

Though online advertisement is the most promising mode of advertising your products or services, its application and maintenance can be a daunting task. It takes quite an expertise to engage with current and potential customers. It is always better to have experts do the task for you. Often businesses do not have enough time and resources to execute an online ad campaign. In such cases, digital marketing services from a full-service agency like Dignitas Digital can be of considerable aid.

We have highly innovative, experienced, and skilled professionals who can perfectly handle the tricks and turns of online marketing. Our accomplished and qualified team has the exact skill to perfectly devise a strategy that will enhance your brand awareness and will produce quick and effective results.

Let Us Help Your Business Excel!

Ready to take your business to new heights with the power of online advertising? Get in touch with us for an exciting and powerful journey of progress and achievements.

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