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Now that you have moved your on-premise business workloads to the cloud environment, we offer our next expertise of AWS cost optimization. It is an integral part of our AWS cloud migration services and extremely valuable for better ROIs. Though AWS reaps subsequently higher benefits than an on-premise business, it can project mounding costs at various levels of business operations. Various research carried out on cost optimization for cloud services state that:

  • 70% of organizations spend more on cloud services than required.
  • 35% of global cloud spend equivalent to billions of dollars, is wasted each year.
  • 95% of AWS users stated that cost optimization was important for their AWS services.
  • Only 36% of the users have a dedicated team or individual experts for cost optimization.
  • Through Amazon’s best practices of cost optimization, users may save up to 90% on AWS cloud costs.
aws cost optimization services

AWS costs are often non-transparent and challenging to assess. Without a proper strategy to identify the source of expenses and how to control them, Amazon web services charges can quickly erode your profit margins. However, an efficient way to optimize and manage AWS costs is through cloud cost optimization.

Dignitas Digital is a full-service, multi-disciplinary digital agency that caters to premium AWS cloud services along with cost optimizations best fit for your organization. We help manage and lower the cost and usage of AWS services while preserving or enhancing business functionality, performance, and security. 

Why is AWS So Expensive?

AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide array of services ranging from storage, databases, and computing power. Although for some AWS users, it may turn out to be an expensive service, it is crucial to understand that there are several variables that affect the costs behind AWS. It may include the services used, the level of usage, and the pricing model chosen. Here are a few explanations as to why AWS could appear expensive.

Complex Pricing Model

With several price tiers, pricing methods, and services to choose from, AWS Cloud Services come with a complicated pricing structure. Customers may find it difficult to understand the exact services their business needs and how much they should spend on them. Often, they are unfamiliar with cloud computing pricing systems as well, and as a result, end up paying much more than required.

Allocating More Resources

Allocating more resources than required results in the wastage of resources and higher AWS costs. Engaging more resources is often referred to as overprovisioning.

Data Transfer Costs

Amazon charges data transfer fees for various services across different geographical locations which is an added cost to the AWS services. Clients that often move their data across providers or locations can end up paying more.

Costs for Third-party Services

Several Amazon cloud services need third-party tools or services to function productively, and these expenses can quickly mount.

Reserved Instances

AWS offers certain discounts for customers who agree to use certain services for a predetermined period of time. Often, they end up using less and thus pay more for the services.

Why You Should Optimize Your AWS Costs?

Are you having difficulty lowering your business costs and enhancing your profit margins? Then, AWS cost optimization might be the smart move you are looking for. You can save money and make sure you’re getting the most out of your cloud infrastructure by optimizing your AWS charges. Let us consider a few instances when such optimization is resourceful to the business.

First of all, Amazon charges you for the resources that you use and if do not keep track of these resources, you may end up using more and paying more. Through cost optimizations, you may be able to detect these unnecessary expenses and contribute to your cost savings. You can also improve the efficiency of your infrastructure by optimizing your AWS costs. This can be done through the identification and removal of resources or instances where you can ensure the utilization of resources you actually need.

Additionally, to avail the advantages AWS offers for scalability, cost optimization is essential. By tracking your usage pattern, you can take a more informed decision on when to scale up or down. Agility is another benefit that comes with optimizing AWS costs. By cutting expenses you can gain your ability to invest in new initiatives or projects and more swiftly adapt to shifting market conditions. Moreover, you can also improve your security posture through cloud cost optimizations. You may lower your attack surface and make it easier to identify and counter security problems by deleting any unused or superfluous resources.

In a nutshell, by reducing your expenses on AWS cloud services, you can now concentrate on the growth of your company all the while running a more secure, cost-effective, and efficient infrastructure.

Pillars of AWS Cost Optimization

The pillars of AWS cost optimization that we diligently follow are:

Right Size

To achieve this, it is important to make sure that the AWS resources are of the required size and configuration to handle the workload it is intended for. This implies that there is no underutilization or overprovision of resources. We achieve this by evaluating your utilization pattern and allocating resources according to it.

Optimize Storage

AWS offers different storage tiers which deliver a different level of performance at different pricing structures. We help you to select the best location for your specific data types and reduce your storage requirements while maintaining the necessary performance and availability.

Increase Elasticity

AWS allows scaling up or down your resources according to your business workload. Utilizing this ability, we help you to scale the business that enables you to only pay for what you use.

Leverage the Right Pricing Model

Among the various pricing models that AWS offers, we help you to choose the right pricing model for appropriate billing and cost management according to your requirements.

Measure, Monitor, and Improve

To ensure efficiency, we help you to measure the standard costs behind specific workloads, monitor the cloud inputs and outputs, and constantly improve by comparing the results with upcoming measures.

Partner With a Team of AWS Experts

If you want to reduce your AWS expenditures and boost your revenue generation, consider partnering with a group of AWS experts at Dignitas Digital. As a proficient cloud consulting agency, we have catered to a wide array of satisfied clients and aim to put together a better output for your business through our cost optimization solutions. Our motto is to reduce the costs behind your cloud resources which may go insanely high due to reasons like overprovisioning of resources, complex pricing models, data transfer costs, and others.

Amazon provides varied services and capabilities, and accessing them may be difficult and time-consuming. We can be that partner for you who can assist you in finding opportunities through AWS cost optimization to save cloud expenses, optimize your infrastructure, and boost overall performance.

We will also assist you in putting best practices into effect and guarantee that your AWS environment is safe and complies with regulatory requirements. In addition to this, working with an adept AWS professional team such as ours may free up your time so you can concentrate on running your business. You can leave the management of your AWS infrastructure to the pros.

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