Exclusive SEO Service for Businesses

As a leading SEO agency, our primary responsibility is to ensure that our clients rank on the first page of search engine results pages for their target keywords, and then continue to stay there.

To ensure quality and to double down on our promise of providing top SEO services to our clients, we made our best SEO services, Exclusive!

So what does exclusive SEO services mean? Simply put, we work for only one client per industry, per location.

Most small and medium businesses that are local need to dominate search engine rankings locally. While other SEO agencies onboard different clients from the same industry in the same location to make a quick profit, thereby providing divided services to them, we take pride in providing exclusive service to our clients to ensure that there is no conflict of interest in our business and we are delivering the best SEO strategy and the best content strategy to help our client’s business rank at the top of Google (and Bing, and DuckDuckGo) search results. 

ranking 1st in SERP with the help of SEO

SEO is our lead digital marketing service offering; by making it exclusive, we set ourselves apart from other SEO agencies and commit ourselves to the success of our clients on search engines.

As a top SEO agency in the Philadelphia area, we take pride in the fact that you have reached this page from a popular search engine. Let us take your business in front of your potential customers the same way!

Customized, Exclusively for your business Our Evergreen SEO Framework

Phase 1: Discovery

This phase focuses on gathering and analyzing data about your industry, audience, competitors and search landscape. We use this information to formulate a comprehensive SEO strategy to execute throughout your campaign.

Phase 2: Improvement

In the second phase, we turn our attention to building the right foundation for your website: keyword research, technical SEO enhancements, on-page SEO improvements, and updates to the content flow and UX.

Phase 3: Creation

With your website’s foundation in place, we can stack new pages (aka “content”) on top. Content is a tool to attack “top- and mid-funnel” (pre-purchase) keywords and provide value to your existing customers.

Phase 4: Promotion

“Links” continue to be a huge ranking factor with search engines. In this phase, we focus on getting links and mentions from relevant industry websites. A good, relevant backlink is a “thumbs up” for search engines that validates your website’s rank-worthiness for targeted keywords.

Phase 5: Evaluation and Evolution

No SEO strategy is perfect out of the gate. This phase is all about analyzing the right data to adjust your campaign so we can scale it for the coming months and beyond. We analyze our wins and evolve our SEO strategy to strengthen the ranking for our clients’ websites.

generating leads of a business to get profits

Why is Exclusive SEO Better for your Business?

One Word: Focus.

By onboarding just one client in a specific industry, at a specific location, we are able to focus on creating and executing a winning SEO strategy for our clients. We do not compete with other clients in the same location and do not lose our focus. There is no internal competition within our team members who are managing different clients and are burdened to compete against one another. While healthy competition is encouraged in our company, the priority is given to client results. 

The bottom line is that this strategy works best for our clients which in turn works in our favor. This is evident from our excellent client retention and the fact that most of our business is driven by referrals from our happy patrons. As a leading digital agency in Philly, Dignitas Digital’s SEO services are an investment that you can bank on to yield positive ROI.

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