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SEO Case Study: Increase in Organic Traffic for a Research Organization by 130% in 12 Months


The organization is a part of a global pharma company with its R&D centers in India and business offices in Asia and North America. It offers comprehensive drug discovery services and contracts research services–in partnership with leading worldwide healthcare companies.


  • To grow brand presence in the US as a leading collaborator in the drug discovery domain.
  • Leverage various service-based keywords to reach more potential collaborators in the global pharma industry and increase leads & organic traffic.
  • Ensure the website is congruent and properly optimized to perform well in search engines.


An initial site audit helped us get actionable insights for the site and identify opportunities to scale organic traffic & rankings for the target geography.

  • We leveraged information-based content while updating & optimizing existing, high-potential site pages to improve organic visibility in SERPs and drive more traffic.
  • We found several content gaps and worked on predominantly adding and optimizing new, service-oriented content pages around focus keywords.
  • We performed periodic SEO Audits to identify and fix issues related to Site structure and navigation, Website loading speed, Redirects, Broken links, Internal linking, Thin pages, etc.


  • The year-over-year growth in terms of the total number of organic sessions saw a massive increase of 131.2% (comparing the period of Dec’20 – Nov’21 to Dec’19 – Nov’20).
  • For the target geography (US), the organic sessions saw an increase of 48.32% in the given period of time.
  • Keywords in the Top 10 positions jump from 8 to 14 over the same period (out of 18 target keywords).
  • The number of new users from the US region increased by 44.9% compared to the previous year.
  • The total traffic growth saw a significant increase of 116.2% in terms of overall users.
  • The Organic traffic (sessions) on the core service pages rose by 183.7% while the overall traffic on the same increased by 146.4% (YOY).


Data Period: Dec’20 – Nov’21 to Dec’19 – Nov’20 (Total number of organic traffic)


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