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How a Resource Company Helped Employees Save Time and Work More Efficiently


Vedanta Resources Ltd. Is a global diversified natural resources company that extracts and processes minerals, oil, and gas. Headquartered in London, the company is a top producer of major commodities such as zinc, lead, silver, iron ore, steel, copper, and aluminum.


Vedanta had an old, complicated conference room booking system that wasn’t convenient or easy for employees to use.

Vedanta had a local intranet system in place for company employees to book conference rooms for meetings when they needed them. The system didn’t work very well and made the booking process time-consuming and confusing. Vedanta wanted a streamlined, time-saving process that was easy for employees.


A new phone app employees used to book conference rooms.

“The application was to be built on both platforms, Android and iOS. We had expertise in both of them. Next, we had to work with a 3rd party company that was handling the web-based calendar bookings. We essentially had to collaborate with them to build the APIs.”, said Rishi Rais Dignitas Digital CIO.

While Dignitas Digital worked on the APIs, the application designs were created and sent to Vedanta for feedback and approval. Overall the process took about three months because of the time involved to get the APIs.


Employees got an app to quickly book conference rooms when they were needed.

Vedanta employees registered with their IDs and could have access to multiple conference rooms from the convenience of their smartphones. From the phone application, employees now had the ability to edit, change, or cancel a meeting room reservation from anywhere whenever they needed it instead of using the old outdated, local, Vedanta intranet system.


The conference room app was convenient and saved time for Vedanta employees.

The application is still being used and helps employees avoid conflict, save time, and plan meetings more efficiently.

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