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How a Stair Lift Brand Grew from 0 to 50+ Leads Per Month


For over 5 decades, Stair Ride Company has been helping people dedicatedly throughout the greater Philadelphia region continue to live safely and comfortably in their homes. Their professionally installed stairlifts, ramps, and bath safety solutions help their clients enjoy life with comfort and confidence.


Stair Ride needed a better presence online and wanted us to help them grow their business and sales.

Stair Ride came to Dignitas Digital because they wanted to increase lead generation through Google and Facebook marketing platforms. Leads coming from the website every month were low and the company was not having a strong online presence, thus, customer engagement was not substantial. Marketing goals needed to be redefined and we worked with the client to understand and define their target market first. Once that was accomplished, a plan was created to run online advertising campaigns for lead generation in order to boost the business leads.


A digital marketing campaign was created that could reach the target audience on multiple platforms.

Initially, we helped Stair Ride in getting started with their marketing online with lead generation campaigns on Social Media & Google. Ads were placed on Facebook, Instagram & Google Search. In the next step, we created lead generation campaigns utilizing Google Ads to see what works best for the Stair Ride brand. Search, display, remarketing, and other ad types were all tested across the internet.

As part of the second phase, ineffective ads were removed, and the focus was shifted towards optimizing the existing campaigns that did well in attracting new customers. Remarketing campaigns were also utilized during the period to capture the lost opportunities. Targets were set every month to measure the campaign’s success.


Stair Ride experienced the success of its digital marketing campaigns.

The company noticed a significant growth in sales & services, target audience engagement, and more. Overall, ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) increased 5 times during the period. The average number of online leads per customer increased 100 percent and the number of leads converted increased by 50 percent. These are the numbers for year-over-year increases, performed on both platforms.


Stair Ride obtained the results they were seeking.

Stair Ride got the online leads they wanted. Brand loyalty was also built up. The company experienced a lot of customers inquiry, interested to use our products.

Results started showing up during the first three months of the initiatives. Stair Ride had around 0 online leads per month when they contacted Dignitas Digital in 2020. As of December 2021, the number of their online leads has consistently been around 50 (leads & phone calls).

Stair Ride is still working with Dignitas Digital to maintain its existing results.


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