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Tailored Software Development is our specialty!

Custom software makes running your business easier and more efficient because it works the way you work. It doesn’t matter if you are replacing your custom legacy software, or if this is the first time you are interested in designing your own.  Choosing Dignitas Digital to create your custom software will be an enjoyable process from start to finish. Our software developers are experienced, knowledgeable about the latest software , and SDLC methods.

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Here are some reasons why custom software is good for your company and why Dignitas Digital is the best choice:

Gradual production using Agile Development.

Since our development team practices the agile methodology of software development at every stage of the SDLC, you can rest assured knowing that your software will be fully functional and free from bugs at the completion. This results from software testing at every iteration. Requirements of the software can be fine-tuned for optimal results. Software features can be changed, removed, or added if desired.

You will own the IP, not just a license from a third party.

This also means that you can own the software and license it to others for a profit. You can name it anything you would like it to be named.

Scalability allows flexibility.

As your company grows because of more business, clients, employees, and/or data, your software will grow to meet company needs as well.

Integration with other software important.

When new software can integrate seamlessly with your existing software, it creates synergy that saves time and makes employees more productive and efficient.

It is cheaper in the

You may spend more initially, but once the software is designed and you start using it, any other software costs you may incur are minimal. Also, you will use all the features of the software since they were custom made for your company.

Support and maintenance are individualized.

Since your software is one-of-a-kind, our maintenance and support team will know every detail about your software. You will have the same team that developed your software ensuring that your software is always functioning properly.

Optimized business processes will be evident.

Corporate performance will improve and the departments that rely on the software will become more organized and impact the entire company in a positive way.

Ensured security.

If you are concerned about the security of your company’s data, custom software is the best option for you. You can decide what kind of protection you want, as well as the different levels. The Dignitas Digital professionals who build your software will discuss the security options available to you, the measures you need to take, and find security holes that could make your sensitive data vulnerable to hackers. We care about keeping your data safe and protected at all times.

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