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Time and again, the question always has been whether you want to do it with perfection or you just want to get the job done anyhow.

Talking about uplifting your business to the cloud environments, it is always good news for your business to go for a professional cloud consulting services provider. Exerting the true potential of the cloud is not a layman’s business. It requires a considerable amount of expertise and experience to leverage the power of correct and invaluable features of the cloud environment. What can be a better way to learn and implement the super functional features of the cloud than to take help from the wizards?

Cloud consultation is the process of taking professional help from experts in cloud computing. There are several benefits of shifting your on-premise business to the cloud including determining cloud readiness, developing a cloud strategy, planning the migration, optimizing cloud resources, and finally ensuring compliance. Services from cloud consulting organizations ensure that you are able to make informed decisions about adopting cloud computing technologies followed by implementing and managing it.

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Dignitas Digital’s custom-made cloud solutions are explicitly designed for the betterment of business operations and for turning your business goals into reality. Through our top-notch cloud consulting services, we aim to take your business to the next level of excellence.

Clouds We Have Expertise in Handling

Not to worry about variations, we are adept at handling different cloud solutions. We understand that a one-for-all approach may not be good for your trade’s health. So, we have come up with various solutions

Amazon AWS

Provided by Amazon, we offer you a top-notch solution for cloud computing in the form of AWS. With AWS you can enjoy a wide range of cloud computing services such as Lambda, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). AWS is appreciated for its reliability, scalability, and security across industries all over the world.

Microsoft Azure

An effort by Microsoft, Azure observes maximum usage from individuals, and startups carving their ways out to meet success. Because of its highly flexible and scalable nature, various enterprises use it to run their applications, websites, and services. With the proficiency of Dignitas, Azure can be quite beneficial for your organization.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Preference for GCP can be accounted to its ability to integrate with other Google products and services, such as Google Drive and Google Analytics. Credible for its strong security features, with GCP cloud infrastructure you can also make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Having contributed to several successful businesses, Dignitas can help you walk through the GCP cloud with ease.

Our Methodology

Unwilling to compromise with quality service, we painstakingly endure a strategic approach to the execution of cloud solutions. Our consulting services for the cloud follow a certain path on the strength of these stages:


Assessing the entire project based on your organization’s requirements and objectives is the initial stage of our methodology. This involves evaluating the existing IT infrastructure, applications, and database management practices to identify risks and opportunities. This is followed by setting up use cases, and exploring and determining the most suitable solutions along with technical compatibilities to generate the expected ROI.


This is the stage where we offer a comprehensive roadmap of the proposed cloud solution. It involves designing and planning execution based on architectural design and a clear set of goals. Our well-planned cloud strategy along with a clear deployment plan, ensures that the cloud adoption initiative is able to successfully deliver the estimated benefits.


This phase includes execution of the plan, migration of the data center to the cloud premises, and expansion of the overall business operations. Typically, the deployment stage in our cloud consulting services methodology involves the process of configuring, initiating, and administering applications and services in the cloud ecosystem.


We do not like to stop our services once the deployment is done. Rather, we take our services to the next level of cloud optimization for the continuous improvement of your business. It results in the betterment of performance, operational efficiency, and profitability of the applications and services migrated to the cloud environments. This will help you in increasing the value of your business due to better returns.

Cloud Service Offered by Dignitas Digital

Partner With a Team of Cloud Experts

Collaborating with a skillful and thoroughly experienced team for cloud consulting services will not only save your time and costs, and enhance overall performance but will also give you the peace of mind that you have been seeking for. As a part of a full-service, global digital company, we understand the grave importance of providing expert cloud solutions to our clients. With Dignitas Digital by your side, you will be on the receiving end for our:

➡ Expertise and knowledge

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in various cloud technologies and services are perfect to provide you with the guidance and recommendations required to select the right cloud platform, optimize the cloud environment for the best results, and manage various cloud resources.

➡ Faster time-to-market

We as cloud experts can help your organization to accelerate the extensive projects of cloud computing. This will enable your business to quickly leverage the benefits of cloud computing, besides the competitive advantage gained in the process.

➡ Cost savings

Cloud cost optimization is the strong suit we cater to our clients for boosted revenues. We are adept at quickly identifying the exact cost-saving opportunities favorable for your business and extracting the most out of them.

➡ Improved performance and reliability

As cloud experts, we ensure the utmost service levels and minimum or no downtime through optimized performance levels and concrete reliability of your cloud applications and services.

➡ 24/7 support

Experts never stop and so we strive to give you continuous support for your cloud business. Our 24/7 support helps to quickly identify, address, and resolve any issue on the day-to-day business operations on cloud premises.

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