software update on computers and phones

Dignitas Digital has upgraded custom business software built on older technologies for a number of our clients. We understand the delicate nature of the process. When you choose to upgrade your software, there are a lot of things to consider besides the cost. We do our best to make sure the transition to better software is quick and easy as possible for our clients.

 It may be time to upgrade your software if you are experiencing some of the following problems:

  1. You no longer like the software.
  2. The warranty is no longer active.
  3. Automatic updates have been disabled.
  4. The software is obsolete
  5. There is a lot of downtime when there is a problem.
  6. You can’t control your business operations effectively.
  7. Your software cannot keep up with business growth.
  8. You cannot add new functions to your software system.
  9. Your existing software isn’t compatible with mobile technology.
  10. There are software security issues or concerns.

If you choose to hire Dignitas Digital for your software upgrade, you will be assigned an account manager who will listen to your software concerns.  We will guide you through the software upgrade transition so your company and employees will be fully prepared and experience no disruption to business processes.

Once your business software has been upgraded, your company and employees will experience many benefits such as improved functionality and better features. Employees will be happier, work more efficiently and communicate more effectively. Software will be more secure, and computers will operate faster. You will also be ahead of your competition, reduce costs, and manage business functions more successfully.

We have helped small business owners, as well as large, Fortune 50 corporations. If you need Dignitas Digital to upgrade your business software and would like to schedule your free consultation, contact us here.