Team working on business intelligence and analytics

Our data-driven business intelligence and analytics offerings help clients obtain historical, current and predictive views of their business operations and processes. Business Intelligence (BI) tools and techniques are used by companies for strategic planning and better business decisions.

Our team is proficient and certified in popular Business Intelligence tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, which gives us a competitive advantage and increases credibility. 

BI technology gathers business data and information for a few reasons:

Reporting and
Data Visualization

Our BI team uses powerful tools such as Tableau and Power BI to create beautiful, powerful and dynamic dashboards and reports that our clients can use to get a competitive advantage over their competition. Our dashboards have enhanced productivity and the bottom line for our clients with the demonstrated use of data-driven decision making.   


Data without a purpose is useless. Examining why something happened or is happening is important and useful for investigative purposes and planning. There are three major types of analysis. Spreadsheets contain data that can be general or specific and is often used to track numbers like sales or hours. An ad-hoc query usually has a very specific purpose and is obtained using software to get data on an as-needed basis to find the answer to difficult questions or problems. Visualization tools results from the use of software that transforms data so readers can easily understand the information. Colorful graphs and pie charts are common examples.


Real-time views of data and information between reports can be very helpful. Three common types of monitoring are dashboard, KPIs (key performance indicators), and business performance management.


Data is used to foresee the future. This is often the most significant and valuable form of BI. Software helps automate the process. Data mining finds patterns of data sets and how they relate to each other, while predictive modeling seeks to predict a probable outcome based on data.

The team at Dignitas Digital utilizes the latest versions of many well-known software tools. We help companies reach goals and increase profitability by consolidating data, predicting the future, and streamlining operations. If you would like more information and to learn how Dignitas Digital can help you, contact us here.