What is AWS Managed Cloud Services?

Managing every aspect of cloud services can be tough, but with expert solutions like AMS, you can get an ongoing management solution for your cloud infrastructure.

AWS offers a myriad of cloud services and it is quite expected if an organization finds it difficult to manage its cloud infrastructure. To overcome this issue, Amazon came up with AWS managed cloud services or AMS. This solution serves as the comprehensive management tool for AWS infrastructure management. It is there to help you automate infrastructure management for various cloud task executions.

AMS primarily is intended for large enterprises that want to migrate their on-premise business into the cloud environment. AMS simplifies the way large amounts of data are migrated to the cloud while enhancing security.

AWS Managed Cloud Services

Scale Your Business with Our AWS Managed Cloud Services

On one hand, where AWS is one of the most diverse platforms in handling data, on the other, it can get complicated during large deployments and scaling up of businesses. As an adept AWS cloud managed services provider, we can handle massive and complex data to assist our clients to scale up and take their businesses to the next level of success.

Our state-of-the-art AMS services help your business to focus more on strategic initiatives by reducing operational overhead, enhancing security, improving compliance, and increasing agility.

What are the Benefits of AWS Managed Services?

Managed cloud services from Amazon Web Services offer multiple benefits for businesses that are expanding and looking for ways to accommodate the infrastructure in a comprehensive manner.

Reduced risk

Through AWS managed cloud services, we assure a safe and reliable environment where you can lower your risks for your data and applications. Security specialists at Amazon ensure that there is always an improvement in the platform’s security measures. Further, AMS comes with a range of capabilities that include data encryption, auditing, and access control that aid the process of enhanced security.

Optimized cost

The pay-as-you-go pricing structure in AWS Managed Services is the perfect example of cost optimization. This pricing structure allows you to pay only for the resources that you are using reducing IT expenses to a great extent. Moreover, AWS managed services put forward a wide array of tools that further aids in cost reporting and resources management which are prominent aspects of cost optimization.

Automated processed

Automation is the crucial advantage that AWS Managed Services offer to its users. AMS is the ideal way to automate your business operations and free up your resources and engage them in more important business operations. You can automate your business processes through the numerous capabilities provided by AMS which includes incident management, configuration management, and change management.

Future readiness

Speaking about future readiness, AWS managed cloud services provide access to the latest cloud computing technologies to take your business to the next step. Amazon cloud services constantly innovate and add new features to the AWS platform so that you can use top-notch technologies for your business on cloud premises.

Strategic Consulting Approach

Dignitas Digital has been the strategic consulting partner for many organizations for long. We help our clients by gathering and analyzing information, and accordingly developing and implementing effective strategic plans for your business in the cloud environment. As a committed AWS managed service provider, we are here to assist your business with a comprehensive solution in the form of a highly managed cloud environment.

Your Partner for Everything AWS

As your business and consequent AWS deployments scale up, the stress of maintaining security standards, network optimizations and cost optimizations escalates. This may demand more time and effort from your resources. In such cases, AWS consultants become a compulsion. Dignitas Digital can be that inch-perfect partner for all your AMS operations. You can select any module among the several AMS modules business that suits your requirements. However, all the modules provide 5 core utilities as follows:

Configuration management

AMS ensures configuring, monitoring, auditing, and managing resources. We use the power of AWS managed services to gain the optimum configuration management.

Security management

Security features such as identity and access management, key management, cloud trail, and other security groups assure that you get the highest possible security measure from us.

Cost optimization

Through AMS services, we provide the attentive study of resources to make appropriately sized cloud deployments and implementation of other cost-optimization strategies.

Event and incident management

Event monitoring, incident response, and recovery planning are the three features of AWS cloud environments to manage events and incidents that can impact the cloud environment. Event and incident management helps to increase the reliability, security, and efficiency of the cloud environment.

Partner with a Team of Managed Cloud Experts

An excellent way to extract from AWS cloud computing is to collaborate with a group of managed cloud professionals. This will leave you without any worries about managing and maintaining your cloud infrastructure single-handedly. We at Dignitas Digital, are always available to help you out with your AWS cloud computing.

Our professional team of managed cloud experts will help you to get the most out of your AWS cloud environment. Managed cloud providers like us assist your business with anything from planning and setting up your cloud environment to handling security and resource management. Services we provide:

Migration to the cloud premises

Designing and implementing cloud-based infrastructure

Managing your cloud environment

Optimizing your cloud costs

Provide updates with the latest cloud technologies and others.

Check out one of our cloud computing case studies here.

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