Zapier and Custom Development

Zapier vs Custom Development: Which is Better and Why?

When automation is the word of the day, why not implement in processes that require time and effort and make our business run smoothly? Workflow and process automation helps the business to run seamlessly and faster without human errors to worry about.

This blog intends to compare Zapier, a software that automates the communication process between two applications, and the corresponding custom development solution that we at Dignitas provide.

So, before we move on to the comparison between the automation software Zapier and the customized solution provided by Dignitas, let us know about Zapier and its limitations compared to custom development.

Also, we will learn how with the help of AWS Lambda, Dignitas can reduce your costs and provide a seamless integration solution.


What is Zapier?

Zapier is an integration tool meant to establish communication between two different applications. When you are dealing with two applications and need to sync data between the two, repetitively, Zapier can be quite helpful in aiding the tedious process.

It is a tool that automates the recurrent tasks required for data syncing between two or more applications without the necessity of writing or executing new codes. Whenever an event occurs in one application, Zapier immediately notifies the other application connected to it.

With Zapier you can automate frequent tasks, move data from one application to the other, and do monotonous jobs without human intervention. Zapier also keeps track of all the tasks carried out by each Zap which allows you to know the status of the task, whether successful or unsuccessful.

The best thing about this automation tool is that there is no code involved in it.


Limitations of Zapier compared to Custom Development

Zapier has several benefits including no code involvement, seamless automation of large tasks, to continuous scaling. However, certain limitations might make you look for other options. One major limitation of Zapier that we will talk about is its scalability issue.

While Zapier has the bandwidth to scale up your business, it can be very expensive when you have to pay for multiple zaps to automate several workflows for large businesses.

For the free plan, Zapier provides a limited number of zaps and for large enterprise workflows, you would need to opt for the paid plans. The free plan is limited to a single-step zap which works on one trigger and one action.


Solution through AWS Lambda Custom Development

The solution that Dignitas provides for such limitations of Zapier is through custom development. With the help of AWS Lambda, we provide a simple solution for large-scale integrations. Here we will get to know about the AWS Lambda function and how it provides easy communication between different platforms.


What is AWS lambda?

AWS Lambda is based on a serverless architecture and is a computing service that can run custom code for customers with various requirements. It is a FaaS or Function as a Service that follows the event-driven approach.

Lambda can be triggered from more than 200 AWS Services and SaaS applications where you have to only pay for the exact functions used.


How does it help in easy communication between apps?

AWS Lambda builds event-driven functions for seamless integration between applications or decoupled services. It reduces costs by running applications during high demands of workflows without over-engaging resources.

When there is less involvement of resources, the costs automatically come down and you are able to run multiple workflows to scale up your business.


In Conclusion

Though Zapier has several advantages over other automation tools, it can be expensive when there is a requirement for multiple zaps. Dignitas can provide you with a better solution with custom development, while you are trying to scale up your business.

Instead of going after multiple zaps, Dignitas can provide you simple solution with AWS Lambda. Want to know more? See how we can help.

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