The word hybrid agency.

What is a Hybrid Agency?

I was told that we are a hybrid agency by my partner. This was the term we were supposed to use while introducing our company to potential clients. I asked some of the senior employees,  what makes us a hybrid agency? I did not get a concrete answer.

Tried to google it and found varied results again. None of them actually befitted of a definition. Most of the articles were not centered around what a hybrid agency is, but covered more about why should you hire them.

So, I tried taking a shot at the definition. The first search result when one searches for hybrid is:

So, to understand the characteristics of this hybrid, I dug deeper…….

Till now it is clear that the hybrid inherits the best traits from its parents and because of the careful breeding and genetics the hybrid is sometimes superior in terms of performance.

The same concept can be applied to a hybrid car, when more speed is needed, you go for the gas engine. When efficiency and mileage are needed, you go for the electric engine.

Now can we juxtapose the hybrid concept with agencies? For this we can propose different hybrid models.

Hybrid Model – 1

A diversified talent pool or multiple business units and verticals.

There could be various combinations.

Digital marketing with web development could be classified as a hybrid agency – though this combination is pretty much the standard prevalent across different geographies.

When we add more specialists to it, we start looking at the hybrid model. Look at the chart below to understand more.

ABCDE is the sweet spot where all this expertise intersects. Each company should have these resources in-house which I highly recommend or have them as part of their network community.

These areas of expertise could be:
  • Strategy
  • Mobile Development
  • Working in advanced tech such as IOT, AR, Blockchain
  • Business Analytics/Analysis
  • Prior startup experience
  • Account management
  • Client Servicing

There are also many other areas. Hence, you can classify the hybrid model based on the expertise available within the agency.

Hybrid Model – 2

Nature of Resources (Geography)

A hybrid agency not only brings you the best experts, but also ensures that you do not have to shell a bomb. Having presence in different parts of the world, the agencies ensure that they are able to leverage the best talent at the best price and pass on the benefits to the clients. This also provides clients 18 to 24-hour support available with the help of the teams spread across the world. Dignitas Digital has offices in New Delhi, Philadelphia and Toronto.


There can be multiple definitions and explanations of a hybrid agency, but the above is the one which made sense to us. If you have any suggestions around this, or would like to get in touch with us to discuss how our company works, feel free to get in touch with Dignitas Digital at


Rishi Rais