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What I Learned When I Got My Google Analytics Certification

I started working at Dignitas Digital about a month ago and I was told that I needed Google Analytics Certification to effectively handle my account management responsibilities. These are my thoughts about the entire experience.

First of all, the free Google Analytics Academy teaches you how to read and use analytics to monitor your website and increase revenue for your business. There are advanced and beginners courses to choose from. I selected the beginners course which is broken down in to four units (Introduction to Google Analytics, Analytics Layout, Basic Reporting, and Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking). Each unit contains three to five lessons with short videos and there is also a manuscript available if you prefer to read. I watched the videos and referred to the manuscript to find the answers to the assessment test at the end of each unit. There is an Analytics Academic Discussion Community to pose questions, but I don’t l enjoy sending messages to strangers so I never bothered to use it.

I thought the guided tour of the Analytics demo was the most useful tool during my learning process which showed me the dashboard layout and features. It also taught me how to set up a Google Analytics account and install tracking code on web pages very quickly. This was the most fun part of the learning process. I spent close to an hour playing around with the dashboard. I allowed my curiosity to change the shape and color of graphs as I clicked on this or that, while I viewed multiple data analysis reports. It was fun and easy without the anxiety that I may have ruined or lost important information.

In conclusion, I will say that obtaining my Google Analytics Certification was an enjoyable experience overall, but it made me think seriously about my lack of privacy. I learned how easy it is for Google to monitor everything people do online. They know all the sites you visit and from what device. In addition to knowing your IP address, city, age, gender, and quite possibly your race, Google knows what you research at odd hours of the day and night. Will any of it matter one day? What else does the company know about us that we aren’t aware of and more importantly, what do they do with that information? Maybe it is time for people to start asking these types of questions.

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Felicia Topsale