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What Are the 5 Most Common Types of Native Ads?

According to, native ads will drive 74 percent of all ad revenue by 2021. In case you didn’t know, native advertising is online advertising that matches the website or platform where it appears. It isn’t easy to notice it is a native ad at first glance. The photos and/or video are relevant and matching to the content on the page, so it appears as a well-placed article in a magazine. There are five different types of native ads.

  1. Content Recommendation

Most often, this type of ad will look like an article with the title “Recommended for You or “Recommended by (insert website or platform here)”. When a user clicks on the link, it will direct him to a different page to read the native ad. Users read it and don’t feel conned because it was recommended by the very site they visited and trust. The point of this kind of ad is to educate the reader and make him or her feel more informed.

  1. Search Ads

This is usually a more expensive way to advertise but it produces more results with a high number of clicks. The ad will appear in search results of almost any search engine used today. Additionally, the ad will provide brief, yet valuable information and if the reader wants to learn more, they must click on the ad. The advertising message is usually embedded in the content and may direct the viewer to a business website.

  1. In-Feed Ads

In-feed ads are often found in a news-feed on a news website or some form of social media. These ads are almost indistinguishable because of the design and aesthetics. This can give your brand a high level of exposure, especially when the content shares information related to top news stories or important facts or statistics that are only shared by your company. It is important to be careful with these kinds of ads so readers aren’t misled or believe false news. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has strict guidelines that must be followed to avoid fines and penalties.

  1. Promoted Listing

These ads are found at the top of search results and regularly found on social media platforms. The promoted listing ad is listed above other ads and the ad is marked as “promoted” or “sponsored”. These ads are successful in e-commerce sales.

  1. In-Ads

This kind of ad contains native ad elements and they are specific to each individual publisher. For example, a beauty blogger may have make-up tips on her website and one of the in-ads might be a cosmetic company demonstrating a make-up technique with a specific beauty product the blogger says is needed to achieve a certain look. Quite often, these ads work in conjunction with influencer marketing.

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