web 3.0 impact on search marketing

How Web 3.0 Will Affect Search Marketing

Web 3.0 is expected to provide a far more personalized browsing experience along with rich and interactive advertising opportunities.

With the help of artificial intelligence and semantic web architecture, humans and computers will be able to communicate more efficiently. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology will enable computers to better understand and respond to the data provided by humans.

As blockchain technology continues to transform our lives, it brings a whole new set of questions and challenges for marketers. Hence, it’s become important to understand how one can leverage this incredible opportunity to get benefitted in terms of marketing and business.

Most of the business houses these days rely excessively on the internet. Hence, utilizing digital marketing and its tools effectively for coming search trends is imperative for gaining success in the future. We asked several experts about their opinion on how web 3.0 will be affecting search marketing. We hope their responses will benefit you in some way.

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Now, let’s move forward with the responses.


Isla Sibanda
Cybersecurity Specialist, Entrepreneur at Privacy Australia

Web 3.0 is expected to alter the way we use the internet today, significantly. There are some recurring elements of the more evolved version of the internet that will determine our marketing and research efforts in the future. We expect to see a rise in the application of artificial intelligence as we see social media sights in the search for semantic data.

Along with this, we can expect to witness more virtual and augmented reality tools come into existence. There will be seamless connectivity around the world. This will affect the way people search on web engines and perform research online, without any doubt. So the way we answer queries will be affected as well as distributed users and machines can interact with data.

I believe a thorough understanding of the keywords, search engines, markup, and semantics will play an even bigger role in the coming years. What we need to do to derive absolute benefits from SEO practices in the age of Web 3.0, is to understand the interconnectedness of data.

We need to invest in research on how structured data can be converted into unstructured data. Have training that creates an in-depth understanding of the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) ‘smart’ devices and how to manage them to improve your position in search engines.


Che Kohler
Co-Founder at Nichemarket

Web 3 in terms of applications that leverage permissionless blockchains on the backend will have very little effect if any on SEO, since the sites still use web 2 infrastructure, for the most part, it’s just accessing account data and confirming transactions through an API request that relays to the node that secures it on the blockchain. The backend really doesn’t affect SEO in any shape or form, as long as you stick to all the SEO best practices your web 3 services will be fine.

Now where the exception lies is in the hosting of domains, where NFTs are used to hash in a domain address from a server living on a distributed network. Search engines have no interest in these niche networks yet and feel no reason to index them which is why products like Blockscan exist to service users.

I think that in this part of web 3 you will have to rely on other methods of sending users to your site or having a mirrored web 2 presence on an ICANN domain and having it interlinked between your blockchain domain.

Until search engines support these domain formats in their index, there isn’t much you can do on those sites.


Ecommerce & SEO Specialist at Running Shoes Guru

Honestly, in the near future, Web 3.0 isn’t gonna have much impact on SEO or at least it isn’t gonna turn around the fundamentals of SEO through which websites have ranked on search engines till now. Unless billions of people start using web 3.0’s, our search engines are gonna bind with SEO in the same way.


Daniela Sawyer
Founder of FindPeopleFast

The web’s next difficulty in comprehending the data it offers is where the Semantic Web comes in. It is a method of marking and categorizing content to share, reuse, find, and combine information. This web extension allows users to communicate data in a standard format and records how part of the data connects to real-world objects using a defined language. All of this information about real-world things will be linked to databases.

Subsequently, these databases will be linked to others that hold information on the same real-world object. The term apple can refer to either the fruit or the technology company that invented the iPhone.You’ll be able to use a complex search query like I want to go on a week-long vacation to Barcelona, stay in a luxury hotel, and visit several famous museums with Web 3.0. The search engine will analyze your query.

  • Web 3.0 is widely viewed as the internet’s future.
  • Ownership and control are decentralized, unlike in the Web2 era.
  • Web3 was born out of the delicate ecosystem, which allows for more privacy, increased transparency, the removal of mediators, and the facilitation of data ownership and digital identity solutions.


Sam Campbell
Runs the Digital Marketing blog Reddiquette

Web 3.0 has the potential to help by providing a decentralized, anonymous service for directing searches through sources that have not been altered by the influence of one company.

This will include all types of web pages, including social media sites and news sites, as well as removing intermediaries that may filter or censor search results.

What this means for marketers is that Web 3.0 will increase business exposure because consumers can now quickly locate material about their needs more easily than they could before! As more people are forearmed with knowledge of what’s available online without being told by the man, they are likely to seek out these businesses over those who don’t know how to promote themselves on the new platforms.

This is what drives integrity in the markets – if a business is not providing what it promised, then customers can easily find out about it and take their money elsewhere.

On the other hand, businesses that are transparent and honest with their clients will be rewarded with loyalty and recommendations.

Web 3.0 is bound to create a more level playing field for all businesses as search engines become more democratized. It is important for businesses to get their Web 3.0 ducks in a row sooner rather than later, so they can take advantage of this massive shift in how the internet operates!


Marketing Manager of Yeedi Technologies

Web 3.0 is all about customization and the Semantic web while merging real-time data through various platforms. It will be highly advantageous for the consumers and marketers as search marketing will gain the capability to provide a more effective strategy through unified intelligent data.

As it offers a more secured and personalized browsing experience, websites can automatically personalize themselves to best fit our devices, accessibility, and location requirements which we may have and the web applications will become more coordinated with our usage habits.

In this incarnation, search marketing and digital marketing will thrive within the intelligent choices provided by AI. It indicates companies with more pull with the search engine when appropriately SEO-ed into the system. With web 3.0, the search engines are getting personally tailored to your preferences and dislikes. Organizations will start to pay enormous cash to gain a little more influence.

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