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How To Utilize Videos To Promote Your Brand And Attract Buyers

Did you know YouTube has over a billion users? As videos continue to gain popularity across the internet, buyers of goods and services increasingly rely on videos during every stage of the buying process.

On Thursday, September 13, Owner and CEO David Feinman of Viral Ideas Video Marketing attended the Trajectify Live conference in Philadelphia as a speaker and shared the best way to use videos to get more sales.

Here are the three stages of a Buyer’s Journey and how a brand can utilize video according to Feinman:


1. Awareness

This is when a buyer understands for the first time a purchase is needed. The buyer will spend time educating himself about the product or service he is seeking.

Awareness videos educate potential buyers through educational videos, documentaries, and video blogs that do a good job of explaining what the brand is selling.

If successful, these videos will inspire the buyer to research the product or service more thoroughly.


2. Consideration

To research options, the buyer will use the internet. He will look for online reviews and weigh the pros and cons before the purchase. Ultimately, the buyer’s goal is to find a brand that is trustworthy.

Consideration videos consist of case studies, demos, and virtual tours. These videos may also include compare/contrast videos, as well as company culture videos.

3. Decision

Once trust is established, the buyer will go deeper into the specific details of what he needs, based on his research results. This is the most personalized and final step of the buyer’s journey.

He will watch FAQ videos, how-to, testimonials, and in-depth detailed demo videos. The product or service that appears most irresistible will finally be chosen.

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