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The Top UI Design Trends of 2019

UI design trends change every year. There are a number of design elements that are quite popular this year, such as vibrant colors, typography, animation, illustrations, and flat design. In 2019, the expectations of users have grown. Websites and apps that don’t establish emotional connection will get lost.

Let’s discuss the top design trends of UI design in detail.

|Bright Color Palettes|

Currently, bright colors are the most popular design trends. They are everywhere from website banners and emailers to social media posts, personal portfolios, and more.

Colors will become more vibrant, with a new generation of designers using blazing color tones in their UI designs. After all, colors are the most powerful and important tool for designers. It helps them to make users focus on important elements of anything viewed online.

This trend will increase this year because the use of bold color is essential if you want your work or business to stand out.


Before going into detail, let’s discuss what is typography. Typography is the technique of arranging type so written language is appealing and readable. Typography is also the style, order, and look of the letters, numbers, and symbols.

As Oliver Reichstein stated, “Web Design is 95% Typography.” Typography plays a crucial role in the UI design process.


We all know about the capabilities of powerful browsers, and the use of animation is increasingly popular every day. Animation on a website can be done through different formats like GIF, SVG, or video.

These are some of the ways we can implement animation in UI design; web page loading, progress animation, hover animation, cursor animation, story-telling, and animation on logo. These types of animations can be integrated with all media platforms.

Because maintaining a proper balance is important for UI designs, too much animation leads to a chaotic website.


Hand-drawn or custom illustrations are excellent ways to make your UI design stand out. Since illustrations can turn an average website into something really unique and appealing, they require less effort than a photoshoot. According to statistics, custom made illustrations can convert seven times better than any stock photography.

Illustrations are very helpful and have uses for a number of things, from branding your website to explaining a concept.


|Flat Design|

Flat design focuses on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography, and flat colors (no gradient) for a website design. In short, the kind of design trend is popular, and it isn’t changing.

Dominating the design industry, the flat design includes everything from desktops to smartphones.


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Amit Saxena