Top 10 Startup Consulting Firms in the United States

Top 10 Tech Startup Consulting Firms: 2023

It is always nice to have someone by your side when you are walking down an unknown path. That is the sole purpose of startup consulting firms, to guide you with the right knowledge and expertise so that you can attain your dream even with minimum know-how. Often startups fail at an early stage due to a lack of proper guidance. Global startup statistics state that approximately:

  • 20% of startups fail within their initial two years,
  • 45% of startups fail during the first five years,
  • 50% of new business firms meet failure in the 5th year,
  • 65% of new businesses fail during the initial 10 years, and
  • 70% of startups fail by their tenth year.

The point is, most failure is just because of the lack of proper management even when there is enough talent and skills to nurture. That is where tech consulting firms come into play. There are several startup consulting firms in the US that provide enough guidance and actionable solutions to young businesses.

To name some of the best in business, here is a list that can help you to pull through your startup dream.


Top 10 Startup Consulting Firms in the United States


1. Dignitas Digital

Located in Philadelphia, Dignitas Digital is one of the top startup consulting firms in the US. Dignitas is a top-tier startup consultant that caters to the best-fit solution for your unique business to boost your brand value and maintain business agility. It provides the most exhaustive and tailored consulting services as well as technical assistance to young entrepreneurs. The firm has a set of highly accomplished and experienced professionals who with their knowledge of the latest and advanced technologies can make your startup a fully functional one.

Dignitas helps startups by offering services concerning technology review, technology due diligence, prototype development, product development, and project management. From requirement gathering, and project initiation to the final launch and delivery of a software product, this firm is there for your business at its various stages of development until it turns into a fully-functional organization.


2. Growthink

Growthink has different offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London, and has a large client base of over 4,000. It offers startup consulting services such as market research, strategy planning, and company development to customers. Other than advising startups, this consulting firm has helped business giants like Coca-Cola, McKesson, Paramount Parks, and Atari.

The firm’s objective is to assist leaders in growing their businesses in order to generate employment, provide better goods and services to consumers, achieve personal fulfillment and riches, and support programs that make the startup ecosystem a better place for startups to survive and thrive.


3. IBM Garage

Based out of New York, IBM Garage delivers complete technology consulting solutions. They have an expert staff to help with the invention of creative ideas and, as a result, the creation of value. The objective of IBM is not to take over a startup, but rather collaborate with teams to develop a framework to help them make decisions. IBM Garage works with startup businesses to address the needs of a certain client group.

The specialty of IBM Garage is that it can develop and deploy a strategy in eight weeks while also strengthening the solution to grow throughout the consumer base. Despite its smaller size, IBM Garage manages enterprise-grade workloads and multi-cloud settings. Among their primary advances is automation for business and IT operations.


4. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft specializes in IT consulting and software development. They have expertise in a variety of technologies, software kinds, and industrial segments. ScienceSoft offers consulting services to assist business owners in planning and designing software products, as well as establishing a cost-effective software development program.

This is beneficial for startups who are developing their company because this development might be one of the most important elements in kick-starting your new business. They offer software consultation, software development outsourcing, team augmentation, software modernization, bespoke software development, and cloud application development.


5. Business Consulting Agency

Business Consulting Agency is an adept consulting firm in startup and small business consulting. It primarily focuses on marketing, and technology consulting services along with legal business formation, planning, business structure development, and choosing vendors. They are a full-service consulting firm that offers a wide range of services based on the needs of the startup with whom they work.

Moreover, they want to educate their clients on the worth of a firm and how to maximize it through business education, training, and coaching. They are professionals in the early phases of company ventures and can give guidance and advice on all aspects of startups in particular.


6. Bain & Company

Another well-known startup consulting firm located in Boston MA, Bain & Company is a global team with extensive experience in the management of startups and venture capitals. They have a wide network of startups and startup investors making it a valuable connection for new businesses.

This platform offers strategy mapping and model building based on what others in the field have done well. Their startup ecosystem services will help you to identify and understand the areas of risks and opportunities and come up with future trends. It also notifies if the demand you are attempting to answer is already fulfilled. You can retain your control over fund management and investment decisions, but Bain is on hand to guide the players in the right direction.


7. Edeska

Edeska is located in Los Angeles, CA, and has helped over 3500 entrepreneurs and business owners. It is a business consulting firm that assists startups with project launches, operational optimization, and revenue growth through data-driven business consultancy and results-driven marketing strategies. The firm thinks that its greatest asset is its team, which includes seasoned strategy and planning consultants, digital marketing professionals, brand creatives, and C-suite executives.

Its consulting services mainly concentrate on marketing, business strategy, and branding. The services provided by Edeska are business audit and KPI review, market research, sales, and marketing strategy development, financial analyses, recommendations on business operations, and legal formation assistance.


8. Accenture Ventures

Located in San Francisco, California, Accenture Ventures is a program that invests in and engages young entrepreneurs to address strategic innovation gaps for global corporate clients. Essentially, they seek businesses that can answer the challenges of the firms with whom they currently collaborate. Therefore, if you want to expand your network and consolidate your client ties, Accenture Ventures will help you throughout.

Accenture Ventures has made over thirty investments in startup companies. Project Spotlight was recently established and under this project you will be allowed to collaborate with internal personnel, gaining access to tools and resources you may not have had previously. Moreover, from this consulting firm, you will get to understand real business problems so that you can address them.


9. Eagle Hill Consulting

Offices spread over Arlington, Boston, and Seattle, Eagle Hill Consulting has a client base of over 80 private, nonprofit, and public sector companies. Its consulting service mainly is concerned with strategic advice and management. Eagle Hill Consulting is a startup consulting agency that provides tailored solutions to unique business needs and cultures. The firm takes pride in its out-of-the-box consulting solutions catering to young entrepreneurs.

Also, the firm is highly selective when it comes to talent acquisition. It has a strict recruitment process which ensures a highly productive and team-oriented environment where new businesses can bloom and keep afloat for a longer period.


10. GeoStrategy Partners

Founded in 1992, GeoStrategy Partners is a technology consulting firm based out of Chicago. Whether you need to churn out market strategies, identify and evaluate new market strategies, develop and launch new products, speed up your business growth, or find investors and partners, GeoStrategy Partners can be your go-to consulting team.

It serves clients in the sectors of engineering, healthcare, financial services, IT, and transportation. Its in-house consultants are highly experienced and skilled to provide custom-designed solutions for young startups looking for strategic planning and management advice.



No idea and no effort can meet its success unless there is a mentor. These startup consulting firms in the US that can help you to identify the strength and opportunities in your young business. They adopt various approaches to innovating the startup ecosystem. No matter what kind of problem your startup encounters, support from credible tech consulting services is always the choice to save your new business.