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Top SEO Blogs Marketing Professional Should Follow

Top 10 SEO Blogs Every Marketing Professional Should Follow

It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a super expert in search engine optimizations, as a professional you would always be in need of new tips and ideas about SEO strategies. Now, the question is, how to learn about SEO in detail and how to keep upgrading yourself in this zone? Well, the answer is simple.

There are numerous SEO blogs available all over the internet to help you out with the subject. However, there are some niched blogs that have high-quality information and tips on various strategies for SEO. These websites are handy for digital marketers working on SEO projects and also for beginners willing to learn about the subject.

Here are some of the best blogs for you to follow and take advantage of them.


Top 10 SEO Blogs for Sound Know-how on SEO


1. SEMRush SEO blog

Widely popular and superbly put down, you would find every information about SEO necessary to build a brand name in this blog. SEMRush can be referred to as a large library of knowledge on digital marketing.

The daily posts hosted by this blog provide valuable tips on SEO, SEM, PPC, content marketing, social media, app development, voice search, and much more. For digital marketers, the most attractive part of this blog is its vast collection of SEO articles that are capable of providing the ins and outs of search engine optimizations.


2. Neil Patel

The brand himself, over the years Neil Patel has built an outstanding blog that covers all aspects of digital marketing including SEO. He has an expert team of professionals adept in making highly informative blogs, and top-notch innovative videos.

Neil Patel’s blog uses informal language which is perfect for any user to understand and implement the SEO strategy on his own. When it is about building a website organically, this site keeps no stone unturned when it comes to providing knowledge on SEO.


3. Google Search Central Blog

Founded in 2002, this is the official blog of Google. A great resource for SEO professionals, it provides highly effective strategies that can help improve your organic performance.

Google Search Central blog provides regular news and updates on the Google Search engine making it a valuable tool for knowing more about how search engines work and the tricks and turns involved in winning the search engine. If you want to boost your website’s rankings, then check this site for SEO tips and techniques.


4. Search Engine Journal

This website is very resourceful with news, tips, and advice for SEO, SEM, and other ways of digital marketing. Founded in 2003, it has over 1.5 million visitors each month and is one of the leading SEO sites on the digital landscape.

From link building to the latest updates of Google’s algorithm in search marketing, Search Engine Journal (SEJ) covers everything on SEO. If you are looking forward to gaining adequate knowledge on content marketing, enterprise SEO, or keyword research, this site is the perfect place for it.


5. Ahrefs blog

An SEO professional or not, Ahrefs blog has to be on your list if you have a website to boost. It is a highly esteemed blog in the market that is full of articles that provide the latest tips and advice for search engine optimization. While its popularity is mostly accounted for comprehensive backlinks indexing, it comes with competent information on technical SEO such as boosting page speed.

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6. Yoast blog

If you are looking for ways to learn about optimizing your site, Yoast can be the best bet. Yoast is a great tool that provides training on website optimization and integration. It is a free SEO software that comes with WordPress and is very easy to implement on your site to optimize your pages.

While the tool is an effective foundation for website optimization, their blog is equally helpful in providing information about both technical and content SEO. Additionally, it helps you to study your site’s analytics, optimize your e-commerce site, and do other worthwhile things with your WordPress site.


7. The Moz blog

This is where you will find articles from industry experts. Articles are posted every day including some extensive research, how-to guides, and experiences that will help you to understand the minutest opportunities in search engine optimizations.

In a nutshell, it covers almost all aspects of online marketing. Following the Moz blog would help you to upskill your digital marketing abilities through the exhaustive knowledge available on the site and improve your understanding of your site’s target audience.


8. Search Engine Roundtable

The Search Engine Roundtable is mostly about catering to SEO news. This website publishes 5 to 6 posts each working day. These short posts are intended upon informing the SEO community on the latest update on search activities.

Moreover, this site encourages the search community to contribute any interesting SEO news on the search marketing forum. This creates some of the most important threads in such forums. So, if you want to engage yourself with SEO news and conversations, this happening place will surely impress you.


9. Dignitas Digital blog

Speaking of knowledge and the latest SEO news, the Dignitas Digital blog is the space that shows extensive research and the experience of industry experts. This blog is loaded with quality articles that speak of niched expertise.

Apart from SEO, here you will find various information on subjects like AI, cloud, app development, business intelligence, case studies on digital marketing, the latest news and trends, and so on. Following this blog would immensely help you in gaining practical and sound knowledge on search engine activities.


10. Search Engine Land

As the digital marketing space is an ever-evolving environment, it might get a little difficult for you to keep up. Search Engine Land or SEL is the best place to acquire knowledge on the various activities of search engines.

With the help of SEL, you can easily analyze and update yourself with the latest digital marketing news. You will get to know feature announcements, the latest trends, and breaking stories on digital marketing.



As SEO remains an essential element to attract organic traffic for your website, it is an unavoidable subject to learn about. If you are looking for some information and guidance on the techniques of SEO, then the above-mentioned blogs are the best to follow. They will keep you abreast of the information on the latest and most relevant SEO trends in the market.

Thus, make sure to follow the blogs mentioned in our list to equip yourself with the essential SEO tips and make your website the next hit in the market.

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