Top 5 Tech Trends of 2019

Top 5 Technology Trends of 2019

Our lives have been changed drastically by the latest technologies as millions of super minds work in the field of science while providing us a better future and turning this world into a better place. We are more than half the way through 2018, which is considered an important year for software development. This is due to the latest discovery of smartphones, smart voice command speakers, and other gadgets while waiting for the blooming technology trends that will make their way in 2019. So, let’s talk about some software technology trends that will remarkably benefit the future of business.


Blockchain is one of the latest and most discussed technologies of 2019 expected to flourish. Apart from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is used in a variety of platforms for digital assets, shopping security, health care industries, and more. Many companies have their hands on this technology or are on the way to adopting it in the future. For example, IBM launched its Blockchain platform and is working with various organizations so that it can be the heart of today’s economy. Whereas companies like Evernym, Oracle, Amazon, and Google are also working on this technology.

Blockchain consists of blocks containing time-stamped transactional data that is interconnected and kept safe from modification or theft by using cryptography. It removes the requirement of central entities, thereby, resulting in cost reduction. Its unchangeable logs feature makes the technology trustworthy and even allows authentication of large-scale transactions in no time. Hence, it clearly shows that Blockchain technology will explode in the coming years as businesses start building blockchain-based applications.


Low-code development will dominate previous development methods. It involves a faster way of developing and deploying applications by automating repetitive tasks. Hence, it decreases the need for a development team and does not require expertise in coding. Some of the best platforms include Google App Maker, Salesforce App Cloud, and Mendix to name a few.

In conclusion, low-code development will surely be seen making headlines in technology news for 2019.


Artificial intelligence, also known as machine-learning, is marked as a key driver of digital transformation trends by various organizations. Just like natural human intelligence, AI represents the study of intelligent agents in the field of computer science. Machines understand functions such as learning and problem-solving that were previously and exclusively understood by humans.

AI will continue to expand every year until it becomes a mainstream technology trend. Through the study of various sources, AI will be part of 40% of the businesses in the next year. AI provides high quality services to customers. Some applications that use AI include Facebook, Google, voice responsive home assistants, smartphones, and self-driven cars. With a wide range of applications, AI technology is most certainly considered an industry asset.


PWA’s are web pages or websites that act just like mobile applications and provide features of the latest browser technologies and offers a good mobile experience. This technology has acquired importance which will continue to grow for the coming years.

Google began the spree by developing PWA (browsing features) that resemble mobile apps. Moreover, they are easier on the development and maintenance side than mobile apps, which makes this software technology very popular.


Internet of Things is a relatively new tech trend impacting the present and will make major changes to the future. Some of the well-known uses of IOT includes smart homes, connected cars, industrial internet, and wearables. IOT is greatly appreciated and talked about in the tech market.

IOT represents a network of various home appliances, vehicles and other things incorporated with sensors, software, and actuators linked through wired or wireless networks often using Internet Protocol, which connects to the internet. They interact with each other and exchange a huge volume of data. Some examples of this are home mechanizations (heating, air conditioning, and security systems). When these devices sense the environment and communicate with each other, it reduces the complexity faced by humans resulting in improved productivity.


I believe that these five technology trends will grow and make headlines in the latest technology news next year.


Mohit Bhagat