Top 3 Digital Trends This Month

We are well into the Digital Age. Anybody who isn’t selling on the internet is losing out on a huge chunk of business. With ever-evolving technology and new ways to reach your audience, it is important to adapt to the changing digital trends.

These are the top digital trends of September 2018.

1. Live Videos

Pre-recorded videos have brought a lot of success to brands the world over. Whether it is simple animations highlighting the features of a product or a detailed well-shot video, brands have been using them to get the point across in the most engaging manner. This year, the practice of marketing through videos has seen an evolution and added another successful dimension with live videos. Live videos have become a powerful tool for marketers to engage with their audience. People get a direct, real-time look at products or services available, so brands create special offers to promote interaction and maybe get a few live testimonials. Live videos are here to stay.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen as the way forward in a variety of industries. When it comes to digital marketing, AI is playing a great role to help marketers make their marketing communication a lot more personalized with design, data-driven campaigns for better results. Another huge application of AI in the digital realm is the AI messaging on websites. This trend makes it easier for marketers to connect with visitors and cater to potential customers at all times.

3. Voice Search

Voice assistants on your phone and for your home have been a revelation and the digital marketing world is starting to come to terms with adapting to this side of search. The content being developed needs to be designed to suit a voice search as well. In voice search, the use of words is found to be more natural, i.e. the marketers need to use long tail keywords and phrases that are more conversational in nature.

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