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Top 10 Legal Tech Companies and What Are They Doing

Access to justice now depends on access to technology.” – Former Chief Justice of India SA Bobde

Post-pandemic digital adoption has become the word of the era and mode of survival for many companies. Apart from the healthcare, education, travel, and food services, the legal sector had to go through digitization to gain a competitive advantage.

The use of software applications to provide legal services came to be known as legal technology and it benefitted several businesses to succeed in the legal sector. Needless to say, the legal tech sector is enhancing the efficiency of the judicial system with innovative technology while reducing paperwork.

Here is a list of legal tech companies that are adding value to the judicial system through advanced technology.


The Top Legal Tech Companies are:


One of the leading and rapidly growing companies in the world, Legistify is a tech platform that covers various areas of law. It offers solutions for legal contracts, notices, litigation, IPR, and other compliances through its comprehensive platform. The platform comes with in-built, automated, and fully customizable modules that make conducting any legal process very simple in this platform. It claims to have served over 300 large enterprises across the planet. It also leverages machine learning to provide an intelligent platform.


Established in the year 2015, AffiniPay affirms to impact on the lives of fintech and legal tech professionals. Initially, it had started as a single payment product for traders which made its place among the top four highly estimated financial tools. It serves more than eight service industries. Determined to continue progress, this company boasts of its team of expert professionals happy in their workspace.


One of the pioneers in legal document technology, Litera ensures the use of the latest innovative technology for producing high-quality legal documents. It empowers its users for generating, reviewing, and distributing top-notch content. It promises fast yet secure content through its platform. The high-tech platform allows its clients to focus more on the real job over all sorts of legal documentation.


LegalMind handles work around the spheres of legal research, artificial intelligence, and predictive analysis. It is easier to predict the decisions and behaviors of judges and parties involved through the analytics provided by LegalMind. This enables users to develop their thesis and present strong arguments for their cases.

Bridge Legal

Bridge Legal is a comprehensive solution for Mass Tort Law firms. It provides software, and marketing services along with support for intake processes for these firms. This software tool was designed with the belief that every individual must be served with equal opportunities similar to the large corporations to access the judicial systems. Bridge Legal aims to reach the mass through their AI-powered tool and bridge the gap between law protectors and law seekers.

Envoy Global Inc.

Envoy was founded in the year 1998 and is one of the most promising in the legal tech and HR tech industry. It offers global immigration services and is the only company that provides enterprise immigration management tools. The software platform of Envoy is designed to make simplified and seamless hiring of immigrants in the workforce for various companies. Hiring and managing an international workforce is a complex process and the platform provided by Envoy ensures that this service is taken care of through expert legal representation and proprietary technology. It looks over both inbound and outbound immigration for workforce management.


The mission of iManage is to provide secure knowledge required in the legal sector through its platform. The platform is dedicated to the aim of ‘Making Knowledge Work’. It has widespread popularity across 65+ countries and boasts over one million professionals as users. iManage ensures an intelligent, cloud-based, and secured knowledge platform that is based on legal content. It promises continuous innovation to meet the solution for the most complex challenges in the legal sector.


DataGrail is all about data privacy. Data management is a complex process as most organizations depend on various inter-connected data platforms. It is a difficult process to make out a single person’s data from this mesh. DataGrail ensures deriving a sense of privacy and turning a business into a prominent one. The platform offers a simple solution for emerging privacy laws eliminating complex and time-consuming processes associated with it and turning complicated data into an easy-to-use privacy program. It looks into the elements fundamental to a privacy program by automating data subject requests, unified preference management, and correct data discovery. It also takes an integrated approach to depth with a well-designed platform to make it easier for an organization to draw out quality data foundations.


Syndio is a legal tech startup that uses technology to help businesses understand and incorporate workspace equity with their core business. It is the belief that companies must take a stronger step to improve employee status and eliminate issues like pay disparity, that makes this startup a commendable one. Using technology they assure empowerment, the right information on data, and the necessary expertise to inspire.


The mission of this legal tech company is to revolutionize the way legal services are delivered from large enterprises to individuals. This platform provides data-driven insights that cater to the scalability of law firms. It automates processes like task management, client communication, intake management, and document generation. Litify claims to be a secure, extensible, and fast-growing platform that streamlines various legal processes of a company.



The present legal sector is experiencing never before changes and it is all for the good of humanity. Digital adoption is evidently, improving the entire judicial system. The legal tech firms are not only solving pressing problems related to law but are also providing quick solutions to otherwise time-consuming legal processes. While many are still sticking to the traditional system, the digital platforms for legal solutions are providing a competitive advantage over many other law firms.

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