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6 Major Things to Check Before You Click ‘Send’ on Your Next Marketing Email

With the least amount of budget spent, Email marketing is considered one of the best options to acquire new customers as well as keep a check on your existing ones. It is becoming an important part of promotional activities carried on by businesses. Sending a perfect curated email is a task, especially for marketers. One way to manage your email campaigns is by creating an email marketing checklist.

To reduce email errors, I’ve created an email marketing checklist you can use next before sending your next campaign and avoid any silly mistakes.


Email Marketing Checklist

1. Use casual language:

Clients are smart in today’s world and they know the difference between an email that is trying to sell and an email that is providing genuine value. The best way to avoid this is by using language that is easily understandable by the readers.

Avoid using complex terms and complicated jargon, which are difficult to interpret. You want your email to grasp attention, so instead of using complex vocabulary, try using simpler and casual language. This way you can sound less sales-y.

Few examples of words that you can avoid in your email content are special promotion, get it now, guarantee, cheap, make money, etc.

2. Right choice of Call-to-Action:

Call-to-action is one of the important elements in your email which makes it easier for you to convert your leads into your customers. By including the right call-to-action in your email, you can maximize your conversions and make your emails more accessible. Call-to-action may include:

  • free content guides
  • “sign up for free” link
  • contact information of your business

3. Right formatting:

Sometimes, even when your content is relevant and well written,  your subscribers may not be reading your emails. One of the reasons can be poor formatting. You can check this by making sure that you:

  • maintain a margin
  • leave appropriate space between your paragraphs
  • maintaining a suitable font size

4. Broken links:

Since broken links lead to poor readability and accessibility, it can be a daunting task to find and fix them. But don’t freak out, as there are ways to fix this issue. Your first preference should be to avoid inserting broken links in your email copy. However, if you already did then you can use a redirect to fix the broken email link.

Redirects will send traffic from the wrong URL to the new URL without any error. If you are using WordPress, you can also use plug-ins like Simple 301 redirects or Yoast SEO redirect manager to fix this.

5. Avoid being spam-y:

While sending an email, one should also be aware of the illegal email marketing practices. There are a few laws that you should comply with:

  • Including an unsubscribe option in your mail
  • Including a valid email address
  • Indicating what the content is about
  • Keep a check on the list of spam-y words you should avoid in your mails
  • Avoiding too much colored-text

6. Check for grammatical errors and image quality:

It’s always important to thoroughly review your email content and rectify any grammatical errors. This can help prevent embarrassing typos that can lead to misinterpretation by your subscribers.

Similarly, make it imperative to always test your images and make sure they are opening properly. Try to add Alt text to your images, as it adds a text description that displays even if the image does not render.

If you don’t know how to perfect your copy, you can consider hiring a professional proofreader or a copywriter.


To wrap it up

Mistakes happen even to the best of us, but I hope this step-by-step email marketing checklist helps you send your emails with confidence and without any fear.

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Drishti Singh