How Technology is Changing Online Advertising

How Technology is Changing Online Advertising

Online advertising isn’t new. Banner ads started in the mid-1990s and technology in the advertising industry has increased sophistication and effectiveness over time. What worked then, doesn’t work now, and what works now probably won’t be as effective in twenty years. It is important to know how technology is changing online advertising in order to create successful campaigns.

Often, it is best to know the latest and evolving trends to stay ahead of the game as well as the competition. By the time everyone is doing it, those are the people behind the curve, not in front of it. To stay informed, learn about the impact of technology on advertising for a better understanding.

How Technology Is Changing Online Advertising

The Impact of Technology on Online Advertising


1. Improved Data Analytics

Companies that provide data analytics are becoming more sophisticated than ever. Marketing research has become more detailed and precise as well. This means there is more information available about online users and their habits. The improvements help brands accurately reach their target audiences more effectively to get optimal advertising benefits. In addition, this will help advertising campaigns that are not performing well have a shorter and quicker turn-around time to become successful.

2. Customization

With so much internet user data available, advertising platforms such as Google ads are enabling advertising to be more personalized. Analytics not only inform a brand about who their customers are, what they buy, and when, but brands are able to accurately predict what their target audience will purchase next based on their interests and history. This allows brands to begin advertising before their customers have a need or want for a certain product.

3. New Online Customers

Advertising on the internet has changed significantly and utilizing some of the latest technology available such as artificial intelligence (AI), social media influencers, the blockchain, chatbots, and augmented reality will certainly lead to an increase in new customers. When companies utilize new forms of technology along with traditional forms that have proven to be effective, a new target audience will emerge that may have been inaccessible in the past.

4. Shorter Sale Cycle

Emerging technology has created a faster call-to-action. In fact, some steps of the sale cycle may disappear because it is easier than ever to make a purchase without pulling out a credit card or even visiting a website. Customers who wish to make a purchase online won’t spend as much time considering a purchase because it will be immediate and instantaneously gratifying. Also, as dependence on smartphones increases with the latest tech innovations, so do online purchases.

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Felicia Topsale