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The Best Tech Skills to Include on Your Resume

Technology is an integral part of not only daily life but work as well. When applying for a job, it’s important to consider the best tech skills that you should include on your resume. Technology skills can be mechanical, mathematical, or scientific, and are acquired via education, training or job experience. They require knowledge to accomplish specific tasks or utilize certain tools. Of course, the required tech skills for a job can vary by industry. There can also be different tech requirements for different positions within a company.

For technology-specific jobs, however, you may want to include a section of your resume that features your various skills. For right now, we’ll focus on the basic tech skills that any company is looking for that you will want to include on your resume.

Tech Skills to Include on Your Resume


Knowing basic coding can come in handy for any job. All tech jobs include at least some coding each day. However for other industries, knowing about coding can help in many situations.


One of the most in-demand tech skills today is cybersecurity. It is crucial for protecting a company and consumer data. Data and critical information breaches can have devastating effects for businesses. A growing sub-skill of cybersecurity is security for mobile app development.

User Experience Design

“Understanding how users interact with technology and how to implement these interfaces is incredibly important, especially in fields where the transition to digital programs and online systems is accelerating,” said Adam Kirsch, CEO of Yorango.

Designing the entire user acquisition process and monitoring how the product is used every day is a big part of this skill. Those involved in user experience design ensure that the end user can interact with a product without issues.

A newer tech skill, user experience (UX) design also includes the ability to work with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Adobe Creative Suite. However, it is vital for companies that need to know how customers are using their products.

Experience with Emerging Technologies

Each day someone is buzzing about a new app or tech update. Not everyone can keep up with all of the changes that take place in tech. However, knowing about a new or emerging piece of technology is worth mentioning in your resume.

Think about what the company you are applying to might be interested in or find useful. Introduce them to a new app or coding skill that you’ve used recently. Mentioning or showcasing a new technology shows your interviewer that you’re paying attention to changes in the industry.

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Quickly pulling out key data components and generating reports can aid in the decision-making process for a company’s next promotion or tactic. The ability to produce this information from various databases is vital for measuring the success of a business’s strategy.

Producing the correct data for different parts of a business strategy lays the groundwork which companies can build their next step from. Picking up on patterns or dips in this data also helps determine what a company can do to improve the current promotion or use it for the next one.

Technical Writing

Writing about various technologies in a way that everyone can understand it goes beyond the end user. Between the final product and creation, the ability to communicate to people within a team or outside of the company is another useful part of being able to write in this way.


Each of these skills is part of building and maintaining a website. HTML and CSS, like coding, are useful to help companies improve and build their website. Being able to build a website from scratch or changing the code of a section of the website, has an impact on its users. By creating a unique user experience, companies can increase their site visits.

Website & Mobile Development

Although most companies have their own websites, some still need help building one or improving the one they have. Most website development includes ensuring that it functions as it should and is optimized for the generation of sales.

Mobile development is a growing area for businesses across many industries. As more consumers turn to their smartphones or tablets, websites need to be optimized for these visits. Handling the issues that arise from this transition from a computer to mobile can impact how many visitors use a company’s mobile site, which could be reflected in sales generated from smartphones.

Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)

There are many parts to running an effective social media page, and for some companies who manage multiple social platforms, this skill is very useful.

Maintaining social media content, imagery (i.e. videos, photos) and promotions is significant— one minor slip-up can have major consequences for a business. In addition, the ability to streamline the implementation of a social campaign makes things a lot easier for business.

Remember, tech skills can change by industry and are updated frequently. The skills focused on and trending in one year can change during the next.  However, be sure to include at least 3 tech skills on your resume that are applicable to the job you are applying to.

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