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Redesigning and Maintaining Three Major Websites for a Soap Company: Case Study


Petra Hygienic Systems and Petra-1 is a dedicated North American and Canada-based wholesaler as well as manufacturer of amenities for the fitness and hospitality industries. It is a one-stop-shop for towels, liquids, gym amenities, sanitizing wipes, and dispensers.


Petra basically has 2 main websites, and, their previous websites were not mobile friendly and the home page was also cluttered and a bit old-fashioned, not perfect for an e-commerce company.

The page load time of the website was also on the higher side, it had very big images on the header and other sections of the website, some unused CSS, JavaScript, and plugins due to which the website was taking a long time to load and it was also affecting the overall speed of the website.


To overcome all these issues, we revamped the home page of both websites. We designed a user-friendly header and to make the first fold of the webpage more appealing, we have added a video section along with a four tile section for their best-selling products categories in the banner.

Beneath the banner, we have added a newsletter subscription, best-selling products, and a dedicated section to highlight their ongoing promotion. And at the bottom, we have showcased their clients, the industries they served, and their vision and mission.

We also fixed issues related to page load timings, like removing unused CSS, JavaScript, and some plugins.


As a result of the enhanced homepage, Petra as a brand gained more online visibility and there is a noticeable increase in the number of visitors and orders placed on the site.

The page load time rankings are also improved now, from grade F to grade C and B for desktop and mobile websites respectively.

Dignitas Digital is currently managing all three major websites of Petra which includes website handling and maintenance creating new pages for product promotions, adding dynamic form functionalities, and other necessary stuff related to the website.

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