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The Most Popular Reasons Businesses Migrate to Cloud Storage

If you don’t know, cloud storage is a way to access and manage data on the internet without the need for cumbersome, costly equipment. For example, the Apple iCloud securely stores data, photos, music, video, and more. Everything is accessible to cloud users over the internet from almost anywhere in the world, as long as the user provides a user ID and password. In the event that the user can’t access or retrieve their stored data, Apple locates the information for the person instead.

Here at Dignitas Digital in Philadelphia, we use AWS (Amazon Web Services) as the cloud service provider when helping businesses and corporations. There are several reasons to use cloud services. Here are the four most popular reasons why our clients move to the cloud:

Cloud Storage is Low-Cost

Businesses utilize cloud computing or cloud services to save money. Most cloud service providers offer month-to-month contracts with the ability to cancel at any time. A company will only pay for the number of users the amount of space required. As storage space or users increases or decreases, the monthly cost will also change with it.

The cloud also removes the costs of extra computer hardware since storage drives are not used or needed. Since the cloud doesn’t require additional hardware, labor and maintenance costs will also be greatly reduced.

Better Security With Cloud Storage

The cloud is very secure. All stored data in the cloud is encrypted, which makes it impossible for hackers to access sensitive information. Any files, data, etc. is only available to assigned employees with a user ID and password. Cloud providers also provide 24-hour monitoring to help prevent data breaches.

Top level administrators can also select the level of access each employee has, as well as keep track of all user activity. Some organizations, such as a government entity, require the highest level of security. As a result, employees are trained and tested to make sure they are following all proper security behaviors and protocol.

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Mobility is Easier With Cloud Storage

The cloud is available everywhere the business wants it to be available. When employees work remotely or travel for work, the cloud is securely accessible by computer, tablet, or mobile device. There is no need to be in the office to access a hard drive.

Also, all cloud users have the most recent programs and systems available because cloud updates are automated.

Cloud Storage Enables Better Collaboration

When data is secure and mobility enables employees to work from any location in the worlds, collaboration is easy and smooth. Documents, large files, and projects are always accessible. Employees share work in real-time at any time.

The ability to collaborate gives members of any work organization a chance to work faster and more efficiently. Since everything is in one place, email communication reduces.

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Felicia Topsale