Open Source Project Management Software

5 Great Open Source Project Management Software

Project management – It is a technique for planning and developing leading software projects. It is an element of the project that plans, implements, monitors, and controls software projects. Project management software help individuals or teams to efficiently organize and manage their projects and responsibilities.

Management of projects is crucial because leadership and guidance are provided for projects. Without project management, it’s like moving without direction, control, or purpose. Leadership helps members of the team to perform their best. 

As we know, a bit of the purpose of project management. Now, we can discuss the 5 Great Open Source Project Management Platforms.


1. Teamweek

Teamweek is a fully functioning online management application for all project needs. It has an intuitive interface. You’re naming it, and they’ve got it. It is one of the most excellent tools on the market for management.

It is an excellent online project management software & team planning program with robust characteristics such as task management, sharing team calendar, Gantt charts, and more.

Teamweek is a GitHub star and GitHub forks open-source application. A link to the open-source repository of Teamweek for GitHub is provided here.

Features of Teamweek:

  • Zoom Levels
  • Milestones
  • Assignment and Editing
  • Sharing The Timeline


2. TargetProcess

TargetProcess is an agile commercial project management solution that enables a Scrum, Kanban, or custom strategy to be followed. It offers an easy and comprehensive visual interface for collaborative management of your software development projects. It is one of the best Open-source project management platforms out there.

TargetProcess offers lots of online assistance that is readily available from the interface. The assistance system provides articles and videos on critical subjects. The search feature is efficient. There are already several examples of how the program works when you start using TargetProcess. It offers a very reactive help desk service if you have more inquiries.

It takes the three major components of a Project – staff, work, and plan – and makes it visually easy to manage and correlate. This principle behind the Target Process is relatively straightforward. The work section is built on a traditional agile hierarchy of requirements consisting of characteristics, user stories, and tasks.


3. Collabtive

The project management software is free and open-source. The UI is really sleek and easy to use. The user may add projects that they may manage once signed in. Collabtive project management is simple. As many users as you like can be made available.

Users can also send messages that may (or may not) contain project information to one other. For some individuals, the sole downside is that it does not allow Gantt charts to be created.

To operate, Collabtive needs PHP. To gain PHP support, I installed XAMPP. The system is simple to install. Just download and extract the contents to a folder. In the XAMPP directory, place the folder. You’ll find a file called ‘install.php’ in the Collabtive folder. Open and fill in the details of your browser. Now open ‘index.php,’ and this screen will be shown.


4. WebCollab

WebCollab is a collaborative project management Web-based solution. It is easy to use and encourages users to collaborate. The program is functionally beautiful, safe, user-friendly, and graphically intense.

It has integrated translation files in Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish, and Turkish. Also, it has the following languages: English, Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish, Korean, German, Polish, and Slovenian.

Only the UTF-8 version of WebCollab may be found in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Some Features of WebCollab:

  • Screen layouts are easy to understand and intuitive. Without training, most people can utilize WebCollab.
  • The rights and permissions are granted to individual users. In groups with regulated rights and authorizations, users can also be put into.
  • The progress of projects and tasks and approach to time limits are illustrated visually.

The impacted users might get email changes and new items.


5. Codendi

Last but not least in our list of 5 Great Open-Source Project Management Platforms is Codendi. It is a 2009 Xerox product. Codendi was released as a collaborative open-source solution for GNU GPL application administration. It meets the demands of industrial growth with an emphasis on project creation and cooperation.

The LAMP open-source (Linux RedHat/CentOS, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) standard allows the company to manage and operate projects using a simple web interface. This application is compatible with the LAMP open-source.

Some advantages of Codendi:

  • This application works for project management throughout the team. It includes project managers, experts, technological leaders, and IT managers. The project management process involves all stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Cooperation is expedited, and processes are trustworthy, which ensures improved project status and results.
  • It provides a wide range of tools to adapt project management to your industry requirements.
  • Agile features range from SCRUM to XP compared with other typical management cycles throughout the life of waterfalls.



Of course, there are several degrees of project management software, one of the most critical arguments being free vs. tools. As suggests, paid tools offer a greater variety of functionalities and features. In contrast, the significant advantage of free tools is their availability. You may select for yourself what type of project management solution suits your needs.

The advantages of the project management tools are various. The software symbolized three things not so long ago: a pencil, a paper sheet, and a technique.

Without project-centric organizations, the budget, scope, and quality would constantly strive to fulfill three restrictions concurrently, without the advantages of project management software.

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