Pinterest for business top 10 benefits

Pinterest for Business: Top 10 Benefits of Using Pinterest

Don’t tell me if you are yet to make use of this super-powerful social media platform! Of course, other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are really good digital marketing tools. But if you are not using Pinterest, you are surely missing out on a whole lot of potential customers.

A widely popular social media platform, Pinterest is considered an immensely influential digital marketing tool for any business to grow. Many of you must view Pinterest simply as a personal platform to draw in some great inspiration, but its high efficiency as a digital tool is simply undeniable.

With over 450 million active users worldwide, Pinterest has a massive customer base appropriate for a business to market itself.

Beyond doubt, Pinterest is instrumental in helping your business, reach a broader market and grow your brand. Even if it is a budding business, this platform is guaranteed not to fail in marketing your products and services, attracting traffic to your business website, and advertising to a targeted set of audiences.

While there are other strong players in the market, Pinterest holds certain unmatched benefits that you can utilize for your unique business.

Still not entirely convinced?  Then let us explore the top 10 benefits that Pinterest can reap for your business. From increased visibility, driving in traffic, and improved SEO to collaboration and cost-effectiveness, here we will try to discuss every aspect of using Pinterest for the benefit of your business.

Let us start by brushing up on what Pinterest is.


What is Pinterest?

You must have found yourself in situations where you are instantly glued to visual content. That is because the human brain is wired to find visual content like images and videos to be more attractive than some boring stuff like plain text. That is where Pinterest has played its game!

Pinterest is a digital platform that primarily caters to visual content. It engages its audiences with high-quality images, videos, infographics, and other forms of visual content. Digital users on this platform discover, save, and share different forms of visual content.

While Pinterest is mainly associated with individual users, it is also a highly-effective digital marketing tool for businesses. Pinterest offers a unique and highly visual platform for both personal and business use, making it a valuable tool for discovering and sharing content.

Features such as Pins, Boards, Rich Pins, Buyable Pins, Promoted Pins, and Analytics, are very functional for businesses to showcase their products or services and reach a wider audience.


Top 10 Benefits of Using Pinterest

Talking of the benefits of Pinterest on a business, you can just keep counting the number. There are several benefits of using Pinterest that you can use to promote your business and accelerate sales.

Check the list below to know some of them.


1. Increased visibility and brand awareness

Pinterest caters to over 450 million active users across the world. People constantly use it to discover new ideas and products, making it an active platform for producing meaningful results for any business and building strong relationships with the target audiences.

Thus, it is a great platform for your businesses to showcase your products or services and increase your reach to a larger global audience.


2. Drive traffic to your website

It is a fact that Pinterest drives more traffic to a website than any other social media platform. This platform allows you to include links to your website or specific products in your pins making it highly potential to drive traffic back to your website. This gives your website a substantial boost in sales.


3. Targeted advertising

With Pinterest, you can go for targeted advertising options. It allows businesses to target specific customer behaviors, interests, and demographics to ensure that the content is able to reach the right audience with the possibility of conversion into sales. Its targeted ads with targeting options and promoted Pins make it a powerful advertising tool.


4. Improved SEO

Pinterest can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and help you to increase your online brand visibility. This is done through the Pins on Pinterest which has the ability to can show up in search results on Google.

Methods such as including backlinks to the Pins, optimizing the Pins with relevant keywords, and using Rich Pins allow you to improve SEO.


5. Showcasing products and services

If you want to showcase your business products or services, then Pinterest is the perfect platform to do so! You can effectively showcase your brand offerings on Pinterest by creating visual boards, using high-quality images, including detailed descriptions, using hashtags, and linking Pins to product pages.


6. Insights and analytics

Pinterest comes with insights and analytics tools on the pins. This allows you to see which pins are performing well for your business and adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Some insights and analytics features found in Pinterest are an analytics dashboard, audience insights, pin performance, conversion tracking, and a trending section to track popular content on the platform.


7. Collaboration and partnerships

With Pinterest’s wide range of features, you can easily collaborate and partner with other businesses and influencers belonging to the same industry as yours. This further allows you to expand your reach and grow your audience.

Some of these features include group boards, influencer partnerships, guest pinners, joint campaigns, and Pinterest communities.


8. Cost-effective

If your business is a small setup or still lying on the startup level and you function on tight budgets, Pinterest is the right marketing tool for you. It is a relatively low-cost platform compared to other social media platforms and is perfect for organizations with low marketing budgets.


9. Inspire and engage with your audience

Pinterest is all about high-end visual content. Through eye-catchy images, Pinterest intends to engage and inspire its audiences. You can inspire your audiences on Pinterest by creating visually appealing content, focusing on quality over quantity, responding to comments, creating contests, and incorporating user-generated content.


10. Mobile-friendly

More than 80% of Pinterest users use mobiles to access the platform. Pinterest is optimized for mobile devices, making it easy for users to access and engage with your content on the go.


Final Words

So, you see, Pinterest can prove to be a valuable marketing asset for your business. You can trust and use this platform if you are looking to grow your brand and reach new customers. Doesn’t matter if your business is of startup size or a large enterprise, with its highly visual nature, ability to attract organic traffic, and promotional capability to target specific audiences, Pinterest can be the marketing solution you were looking for.

Furthermore, the platform’s features for collaboration and cost-effectiveness make it an unbelievably attractive option as a digital marketing tool, especially, if you have a limited budget for marketing purposes. To sum it up, Pinterest is the right tool to boost your brand’s online exposure, interact with your potential customers, and eventually improve revenue generation by using high-quality visuals.

So, having said that, do you really want your business to stay behind your competitors by not using this mighty platform? Think about it!

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