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Most Popular Phone Apps for Millennials

According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials will be the largest U.S. population of all generations in 2019. As the first generation to grow up with the internet, Millennials use phone apps more than any other age group. Their patterns of interest propelled Amazon, Gmail and Facebook to become internationally known multi-billion dollar companies.

According to, here are the top 10 phone apps used most by Millennials:

  1. Amazon
  2. Gmail
  3. Facebook
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. YouTube
  6. Google Maps
  7. Google Search
  8. Apple App Store
  9. What’s App
  10. Instagram

While this list isn’t surprising to most people, I think it is important to note that two companies on the list each own four apps on the list. Google owns Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Search, while Facebook also owns Facebook Messenger, What’s App and Instagram. This leaves Amazon and Apple as the only other companies on the list.

It is important to remember that every tech company on the list started small so here are some free phone apps that increasingly gain popularity and may be on the top 10 phone apps used by most Millennials list in the future.


Bitmoji is an app started over 10 years ago and purchased by Snapchat in 2016. The app allows you to add fun to your messages by creating personalized emojis and avatars. The app can be used with any other phone app containing the cut and paste feature.


Purchased by Twitter in 2015, Periscope is an app enabling you to shoot and view live video streams. You can also send messages in real-time as the live videos occur. This app continues to gain popularity as a tool for sharing historic and controversial events worldwide.


Started in 2011, Timehop accesses past social media accounts for photos and posts that lets you share and/or compare them with current photos and posts. The app also provides pop-culture facts that occurred on the past date you selected. This app is often used as a running photo album to share with friends and family.

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