MongoDB with PHP graph

How to connect MongoDB with PHP

Before diving in, we have to learn about MongoDB and PHP. MongoDB service should work in your current environment. Remember that while connecting MongoDB with any programming language such as PHP, Python, Node or others, you must install the driver of MongoDB. This will connect your backend language to MongoDB. You should already have MongoDB and PHP (XAMPP, WAMP or LAMP) installed. We can connect MongoDB with PHP without any server that is based on requirement.


MongoDB uses a 27017 port by default, but you can change it from MongoDB conf file. This port is accessible regardless of a web server

1.Install required driver for MongoDB


I am using the Linux system as a server.

MongoDB with PHP

2.Create a new file, index.php and put it in web root.

MongoDB with PHP 2

MongoDB with PHP 3

MongoDB with PHP 4


You are now able to select your test database and then access the internal collections which names its users. You can also run the find() and findOne() function on any collection to pull out a cursor with internal data.

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