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Top 10 Reasons for You to Migrate to AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is more popular than ever. Here are the top ten reasons why you should too.


Why You Should Migrate to AWS


1. You are not happy with your hosting service provider

This is the primary reason for migrating to the cloud for the first time. You built your website and chose GoDaddy or HostGator because their plans were really cheap and that is how your journey began. Now you would like to up your game and that begins with better infrastructure. With a 99.99%+ uptime, you would definitely be in safe hands.


2. Moving from a tightly coupled to a loosely coupled architecture

This is in case you are a developer or belong to the technical field. The modern development paradigm is loosely coupled and AWS has a complete ecosystem to leverage.


3. Architecture for the cloud

The technical architecture of a cloud-native application is different from a non-cloud-native application. If you want to migrate to a cloud-native application, AWS has features to help you with your architecture.


4. Awesome support

The customer-first attitude is reflected in the AWS team as well. We have had situations when Amazon has actually gone out of the way to assist us.


5. Pay as you go

You use it, you pay for it. In a suspended state, you will not be charged.


6. Complete access

With other hosting providers, we usually struggle with SSH access, but not with AWS. You get complete access to the box.


7. Compliant services

AWS services are used by hospitals, banks, and e-commerce platforms, hence it is safe to say that the services are HIPPA, PCA, etc. compliant.


8. The ecosystem is dynamic

With more than 100 services, AWS wants you to concentrate on your work and grow your business. You can leave the infrastructure in their hands.


9. Free services

If you want to give AWS a shot, there are certain instances and services which will be free for one year.


10. Sessions, webinars, and hand-holding

AWS is pretty aggressive about keeping clients happy and partners up to speed. As a result, regular training is conducted to help the partners get up to speed with the latest technology.

We have been using AWS for the past 11 years and not only have we been very happy customers, but we are also extremely satisfied as partners.

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Rishi Rais