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Local SEO Ranking Factors: What You Need to Know

While global-ness is the new trend of human lifestyle, being grounded in our local business is going to save us from a lot of global issues. Local online searches are predominantly the most critical part of today’s digital marketing and vital for successful local SEO campaigns.

To pull up a successful local SEO marketing strategy, you would need a detailed understanding of local search results and local SEO ranking factors.

Local SEO is the factor that makes small businesses get going in the digital sphere. In this article, you will get the answers to questions such as what is local SEO, its importance, and how local SEO ranking factors can influence digital marketing campaigns.

Local SEO is kind of a life hack for a small or medium-sized business. So, if you are a part of an SME and want your business to take the flight, let us go through the comprehensive study of local SEOs and how to influence them.


What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a digital marketing strategy to optimize search engines that help a local business rank better for local search results for search engine giants like Google. It is particularly helpful for businesses that have a physical presence and that functions around a definite geographical area.

Local SEO can help you to grow your physical business by boosting your SEO rankings factor. After Google found out that users searching for a certain type of business, need to be shown search results from their neighborhood, it changed its search algorithms.

Google’s algorithm for local searches includes a proximity factor which means that Google considers your location when you search for a local keyword. This helps Google to show you relevant search results from your nearby location that can actually solve your issue.

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Importance of Local SEO

So, how does it matter to digital marketers if your local searches are getting attention? To understand this, you must know that the standard Google organic search listings come with the showing of the local map pack.

Separate algorithms are running in the background of Google search results for local map pack and local search results. This was done by Google in the light of increasing number of local searches compared to global searches.

Thus, it is super important for digital marketers to engage with quality local SEO campaigns to attract organic results for sustainable growth of the business they are promoting. For this, you must focus on local SEO ranking factors and how they can be optimized.

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Ranking factors are a set of rules for search engines to determine the order of relevant search results to be displayed.

Three prominent ranking factors influence your search results, which are:

Relevance: Relevance determines how a local search query may be closely related to your business and is the key element to linking your business to local searches by the users.

Distance: It is the actual physical space between the user’s current location and the search results. This will let the algorithms know how geographically close your business is to the consumer.

Prominence: The more popular your business is, the more prominent it is for the search engines. The prominence of your business is measured by Google based on the information it has on your business.


Local SEO Ranking Factors


1. The physical proximity of your business

Searcher’s proximity is a major local SEO ranking factor to determine the search results for different queries. In simpler words, if a consumer is looking for a service from your business, then it is most probable that he must be located nearby you.

Here the ‘convenience’ factor is considered highly both by the search engines and the customers to consider a business appropriate for their needs. You can influence this ranking factor simply by updating your local contact information on your website.


2. Google My Business profile

Google business profiles are immensely helpful in increasing your online visibility. You can optimize the presence of your GMB listings to get your local business noticed by search engines.

Google’s algorithm for search engines is designed to use GMB listings to know more about your business such as your geographical proximity, the category of your business, and contact information. This helps Google to present your online business profile more accurately for local searches.

For example, for queries with keywords like ‘near me’, the search engines are sure to go for geo-specific results for the concerned locality. This increases the chances of connecting your businesses to more potential customers.

Below is a screenshot of the GMB profile of our digital agency.

GMB Listing - Dignitas Digital


3. Online reviews and ratings

Positive online ratings and reviews are huge influencers on local ranking factors. Search engines like Google use these reviews to evaluate your business credibility and how well-known you are among your existing customers. It helps them to gauge the trustworthiness of your business and the services you offer.

Positive reviews and high ratings from satisfied customers help Google notice your business. Once Google gets to believe that your potential customers can rely on you, it will boost your rankings.

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4. Backlink profile

If you want your local business to build brand authority, then nothing can beat backlinks. Try and get backlinks from local and relevant business websites having considerable authority for their own business. This will have a positive impact on your business website.

You must seek quality backlinks over quantity which is crucial for placing your site high on local search results pages.

Quality, relevance, and domain authority along with the anchor text used against the backlinks account for the influence on the local SEO ranking factor of your website.


5. On-page signals

On-page factors such as the use of relevant keywords, content relevancy, presence of NAP citations, and mobile-friendliness are taken into consideration for determining local rankings.

Keywords placed strategically on your content, page titles or anywhere else on your website help search engines understand your business. Also, relevancy plays a vital local SEO to get your business recognized in your locality and your specific industry.

Providing NAP or name, address, and phone number details on your site helps in determining your business proximity and thus influences on-page ranking factors.

Further, as most searches nowadays are from mobiles, being mobile-friendly will help your website get recognized faster.


6. Quality content

Local content marketing can greatly influence your local SEO ranking factor for search engines. Regularly creating and publishing quality content on your business services that are relevant to your neighborhood consumer community, will easily boost your local SEO.

Local content such as articles, blogs, videos, news content, or any information concerning your specific geographic location improves your local search engine rankings to a large extent.

Key phrases or location-based terms used on your website content are capable of enhancing the online visibility of your business.

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7. Localized website

You must portray your website as a local business. Any identifying information related to your business such as brand name, address, or phone number must prove the fact that this is a local business.

In case you have your business in more than one location, then you must create location-specific pages. This will help your potential customers to discover you easily. You must also use relevant keywords intended for your business location.

Your localized information on your website will help the search engines understand your targeted market and the location of your customers.


8. Google Maps

Have a presence on Google Maps for your business to get discovered by new audiences. It is a crucial local SEO marketing strategy that will help you achieve a competitive advantage over your competitors.

You just need to optimize your website for Google Maps by adding your business, correct contact information, and high-quality photos to it along with embedding your Google Map on your website and linking your GMB listings with your Google Maps profile.


Final Words

Localized searches can reap great rewards for your business if you have optimized your website based on some highly effective local SEO ranking factors. This is essential if you want to achieve business benefits for a long time. The better your local SEO marketing strategy better your business will generate returns. And, for that, an expert solution is the best way to go for it.

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We have a detailed local SEO approach to optimize your business website and make it local market-ready for boosted revenues.

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