JIRA vs Monday - Which is Better

JIRA vs Monday: Which is Better Tool for Project Management

While some projects are small and easy to manage, other projects may be large and complex, and require much more effort in managing them. For such large scaled projects, tools like JIRA and Monday.com are the ultimate one-stop solution. Talking about project management solutions JIRA and Monday.com are both very popular tools but are different in many aspects.

JIRA is considered to be good for smaller-sized projects, whereas Monday.com is known to manage projects at a larger scale, most likely for a large company. The common thing about these tools is that they help the project managers to track the progress of a project in a better time and task-managed environment.

Project management tools help us in improving team collaboration, supporting cross-functional work, centralizing various project-related tasks, and sharing various updates on the project. In this article, we will discuss about the two project management tools, JIRA and Monday.com, and a detailed comparison between them.

This comparison will help us to know which one is the better one and the reasons behind it.


Factors that make one better than the other


Though JIRA can be given credit for its simplicity, yet when it comes to functionalities Monday.com has a lot more features than JIRA. While JIRA has the bare necessities, Monday.com hosts many features like several views, keeping track of Kanban boards, Gantt charts, lists, calendars, timelines, and a lot more.

JIRA, on the other hand, addresses the requirements of custom software development teams and thus does not entertain other features required by the development teams. It functions on a single board, you can choose between a Kanban board and a scrum board, and heavily depends on third-party integrated tools.

Though JIRA allows much more add-ons and integration, the restrictive feature of Monday.com for add-ons and integrations is much more approachable. It is due to the fact that not all integrations prove to be useful. JIRA can be integrated into Monday.com giving access to both their features but the other way does not work. Only two features of JIRA are worth mentioning – built-in repositories to store codes and a feature to plan for future scrum prints.

Ease of use

Both tools provide interfaces that are not very complicated to use. Since JIRA offers much simpler and fewer functionalities, the user interface is very easy to use. With only one board and some supporting casts, it can be said that it has a minimalistic approach and sleeker interface design compared to Monday.com.

On the other hand, Monday.com offers several views to switch between, the ability to add various details to each task, and a lot of custom fields for the user’s benefit. In both software, there is no such feature where you would need a great IQ to understand the function. Thus, it can be said that both tools are user-friendly and can be operated with ease.


JIRA has an excellent free plan and is sometimes termed the best free tool for project management. Though its Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plan comes with some extra features than the Free plan, it is a complete software with almost every necessary feature with the Free plan. So, opting for the paid plan is not really required.

Monday.com has a basic plan that is free but offers very less functionalities and thus is not recommended. The Basic plan offers less as well compared to other software in the market. However, the Pro, Standard, and Enterprise plans are good value. Both tools demand optimum prices for the paid plans.

Service and support

For Monday.com, support is available for the plans, free or paid. Whereas, in JIRA it is available only for the top paid plans. The users can find great tutorials, documentation, and an active forum for both the software. While there is restricted access to the support agents for JIRA, Monday.com has an agile support system that the users can access very easily.

Privacy and security control

On both the privacy and security fronts, it is Monday.com that offers better leads. JIRA uses AWS for storing user data, which has a long history of leaky buckets. Monday.com uses in-house storage to keep customer data safe. In either tool, high-grade encryption provides better security. One has to go through the details of privacy policies for both tools to know the better of them.

Both appear to be on the dubious side, but Monday.com is the transparent one with the declared usage of low-level device fingerprinting.



Monday.com can be said as the better project management tool when the project involves large teams as it offers various functionalities to work with. JIRA can work better when the project involves small teams and smaller levels of tasks. JIRA can be depicted as advantageous due to its low pricing compared to Monday.com.

Both tools are capable and powerful project management software, yet Monday.com is more credited because of its usefulness and flexibility. It is also to be noted that JIRA and Monday.com can be integrated so that you can work with the best of both software.

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