Is There A Secret Sauce To Become The Best Digital Agency?

It is almost an open secret that running and growing a digital marketing agency, while profiting from it, is not the easiest task in the world. You must find the right clients, win them over and deliver results while building a team by picking and training the right talent. On top of that, you are dealing with an industry that changes on a daily basis with new technologies and customer expectations. However, if managed properly, operating a digital agency can be extremely rewarding, in both financial and creative aspects. So, is there a secret sauce to become the best digital agency out there? Let us look at a few factors, or ingredients if you will, that may make that a reality.

1. Specialization

A lot of agencies try to be “complete digital marketing agencies” or “full-service digital agencies”. While it can be a good idea to offer a number of different services in the digital scope, it is often found that the best digital agencies always specialize in one aspect. It could be content marketing, PPC or a certain industry that they focus on, but there is always a specialization the agency puts forward, which sets them apart from the competition. In today’s times, clients want to work with specialists more than anything else and being able to advertise as a specialist in a particular aspect only helps the brand earn more credibility.

2. Branding

While anyone can start and claim to be the best digital agency, there aren’t a lot of agencies that can build a company’s brand equity to help them stand out. It is all about crafting an identity for your company and making sure that there is a good recall with the content and the message you promote for the target audience. Working on creating brand equity for the organization also helps it easily beat competition from a large number of anonymous agencies.

3. Base the hiring on team fit

Building the right team is one of the most difficult tasks facing any digital agency. The conventional method of hiring involves scouting through the applications based on resumes and past experience. These factors are obviously important but even more important is that you hire according to how the candidate can fit into the team. The candidate needs to fit into the culture you want to create with your team. Another important aspect can be the perseverance of the person you hire. In a startup employees must don multiple hats at the same time and it is important that the candidate can see each task to completion without the hard work getting him or her down.

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