How to Adjust Digital Marketing Strategy for 2024

How to Adjust Digital Marketing Strategy for 2024 Google Changes: A Practical Guide

By now we have gathered that the digital world is on a constant move and nothing is for forever here. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing their stripes, with the recent edition being the March 2024 core update tackling spammy, low-quality content.

As a digital marketer, you must realize that materializing fresh marketing strategies from time to time is the key to staying on top. That is why adapting your company’s digital marketing plan is so important to keep your business going!

This post is a practical guide to tweak your strategies according to the Google updates made in 2024 so that you can stay ahead of the competition. So, let’s dive in and learn the intricacies that can help you win over Google updates.

Let’s start with understanding the ever-changing landscape of Google’s search engine.


Understanding the Ever-Changing Google Platform

Google’s primary priority for the recent updates is user experience. It emphasizes on catering the best to users on search results pages enhancing user experience or satisfaction. So, it is critical for businesses to adapt their marketing strategies.

Google updates fall into two main categories: core updates, which focus on overall website quality and relevance, and featured snippets/knowledge panels, which highlight specific high-quality content for users.

Google’s algorithm updates are mainly about core updates for overall quality and featured snippets for specific content. Core updates focus on overall website quality and relevance, and featured snippets highlight specific high-quality content for users.

By staying updated and aligned with these updates, you can improve your business’s search engine visibility. It is not much of a complex path to achieve this. All you need to do is, cater to your audience’s needs the best way and follow the best SEO practices. This will you to attract more online traffic.

Every tweaking that is done on the Google search engine is to prioritize and showcase the best content on a particular subject. Google does this to keep the users happy. You need to understand that this policy from Google is not a setback to your SEO. It can reap huge benefits for your site if you can play your content strategy correctly. Quality content will always win in the recent Google updates.


Adapting Your Marketing Plan to Google Updates

Now the question is, given the constant changing of the Google search engine algorithm, how can you come up with an effective online strategy?

Well, keep reading to find your answers.

Prioritize Your Users Through Better UX Design

Through the years, Google’s ranking algorithm has shown a growing emphasis on user experience (UX). And, how can you enhance user experience? Just make sure you have a well-designed website with well-crafted content. A convenient and satisfactory design will keep your visitors hooked to your site and encourage them to engage with the content. This will potentially convert them into customers.

As a business you can enhance your UX by maximizing website speed, optimizing for mobile devices, and ensuring that your content displays a clear communication of your offerings. Some tools like Google PageSpeed Insights can evaluate your UX metrics based on which you can optimize your website. You can also collaborate with a professional website designer which can offer you the most effective path to achieving an optimal UX.

Focus on High-Quality, Relevant Content

Forget about every other digital element, at this moment the Google update is all about quality and relevant content that serves some purpose to customers. High-quality, relevant content is the magnet that attracts and keeps customers coming back for more and that is what Google’s primary target is.

Quality content wins over Google’s algorithm and helps your website rank higher in the search engine results.

That being said, creating winning content is not a boy’s play. It has to be a strategic mix of several elements such as:

  • Make your content keyword-savvy. Do deep research on the industry you are targeting and list some popular keywords. Apply them to your content.
  • Understand your ideal customer’s pain points and target the solutions behind them. Craft content based on your findings and it will help you to address their needs.
  • Avoid focusing on the most popular phrases and instead explore long-tail keywords. That will help you to do more specific searches with lower competition and capture a wider audience.

Engage Your Audience through Video Marketing

Video content is ranking really well with Google’s new update. That is quite understandable as we already know that videos are far more popular than static text. Videos are better at capturing and retaining attention from the users which in turn significantly boosts session times.

To leverage this trend, you can create high-quality videos that are relevant to your industry. Your focus should be on crafting compelling titles and descriptions and improving SEO by incorporating relevant keywords to them.

Now that Google has made it clear that quality is key, you can always get professional help to produce top-notch videos that impress search engines and users alike. Remember that effort always shows and so polished videos not only attract viewers but also drive revenue for your business.

Utilize Schema Markup

Schema markup is like that extra glitter you would like to have to make your content shine brighter in search results. Schema markup is a code that helps search engines analyze and understand your content better for search rankings. It is often referred to as structured data that produces richer snippets, higher rankings, and a boost in overall online visibility for your business.

You can use tools like Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper that will make schema markup implementation easier for you. However, it is recommended that before implementation you have better technical know-how on it.

Use AI for Smarter Digital Marketing Strategies

Well, AI cannot help you with content directly as Google’s algorithms are good at sniffing out AI-generated content. You wouldn’t want your website to get penalized for lacking authenticity, right? However, AI cannot be ruled off that easily, especially when it is the AI age!

Artificial intelligence can be a powerful asset in your digital marketing arsenal. What you can do is, take the help of AI tools for PPC campaigns, in-depth keyword research, or even while trying to detect the weak points in your online strategy.

The AI tools can also help you to speed up the content creation process but you must learn how not to copy the AI-generated content directly and craft out unique content without sacrificing the human touch. AI tools such as Google’s Gemini can be invaluable in such cases.



All said and done, the digital world is moving fast and so you need to. There is only one formula that can win the race for you – staying informed. By staying informed and optimizing your marketing approach accordingly, you can take over your competitors and no amount of Google updates. Just remember, Google’s 2004 updates prioritize a seamless user experience and mostly possibly it will continue to do so.

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