How much does making a website cost?

How much does making a website cost?

This is a question I receive a lot, and mark my words, the answer is a complicated one

                                                                        “It depends”


       So, what does it depend on?


1)    The dependability and trust of your Account Manager/Relationship Manager/SPOC –

2)   The creativity of the Design Team to turn your ideas into design

3)  The speed and the structure of the code written by the Technology Team

4)  The Quality guaranteed by the QA Team

5)  The Scaling provided by the Infrastructure team

6)  The task of taking your business online, the challenge of beating your competitors, ensuring growth in revenue, providing sophisticated analytics to get the edge –  by the Digital Team

7) The Technical/Digital/Strategic Consulting provided by the Senior Management to help your business succeed


For a digital agency, a simple website is not “simple”, nor should it be for you.

It deserves the respect it commands.

The following cartoon that Dhawal came across on Reddit recently goes really well with this blog:

There is always someone who charges less


Rishi Rais