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Digital Marketing Case Study: How Evolve Snacks Evolved to Grow Sales

How a Healthy-Snacking brand grew from 30 orders per month to over 3,000.


Evolve Snacks is an online, all-natural healthy snack food company, located in New Delhi, India. Nuts, dried fruits, whole grains, and more can be purchased online in bulk, as a monthly subscription, or as a gift box or gift basket. All items are delivered to customers once they have placed their orders.


Evolve Snacks needed a better presence online and an increase in business sales.

Evolve Snacks came to Dignitas Digital because they wanted an increase in sales, enhanced brand presence online and superior customer engagement. Orders every month were low and the company didn’t have an online presence, so customer engagement was non-existent. Marketing goals needed to be established and Dignitas Digital worked with Evolve Snacks to understand and define their target market first. Once that was accomplished, a plan was created to establish online brand awareness that would increase sales.


A digital marketing campaign was created that could reach the target audience on multiple platforms.

Initially, we helped Evolve Snacks begin its online marketing campaign with brand awareness on social media. Ads were placed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The next step was to create conversion campaigns utilizing Google ads to see what was the most successful for the Evolve Snacks brand. Search, display, remarketing, slideshow, carousel, and other ad types were all tested across the internet. As part of the second phase, ineffective ads were removed, and the focus was to optimize existing campaigns that worked well by attracting new customers. Remarketing campaigns were also used at the time to capture lost opportunities. Targets were set every month.


Evolve Snacks experienced the success of its digital marketing campaign.

The company noticed a significant growth in sales, social media followers, target audience engagement, and more. Overall, revenue increased 102 percent. Average online order purchase per customer increased 100 percent and the number of orders increased by 70 percent. All of these numbers are year-over-year increases. On social media, Evolve Snacks accomplished over 75,000 Facebook followers, over 18,000 followers on Instagram, hundreds of five-star reviews, and a high Facebook rating. Results were seen during the first three months of the initiatives.


Evolve Snacks obtained the results they were seeking.

Evolve Snacks got the online presence they wanted. Brand loyalty was also built up. The company experienced a lot of customer engagement on social media, honest, unpaid reviews, and to top it all, recurring, loyal customers.

Evolve Snacks had around 30 online orders per month when they contacted Dignitas Digital in 2017. As of December 2018, their online orders have consistently been around 3,000.

Evolve Snacks is still working with Dignitas Digital to maintain its existing results.


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