Why Google Ads are So Important?

What Are Google Ads and Why Are They So Important?

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads launched in 2000 and gained so much popularity since then that there is no need for an introduction, but we would like to answer, What are Google Ads?

Google ads which are an online advertising platform owned by Google, is the most used online advertising network in the world. It was formerly known as Google AdWords. The Search Network and the Display Network are the two networks where advertisers can place ads. This is one of the largest sources of revenue for Google and the only type of advertising on the Google search engine.

The Google Search Network is composed of search-related phone apps and websites where your ads are placed. When someone does a search with terms related to your keywords, your ad will appear on Google search sites and search partners.

The Google Display Network allows you to advertise to your target audience while they are on a variety of their most used websites and phone apps from a computer or smartphone. The targeted ads help you attract people who are more likely to purchase your product. Both search and display ads are monitored using analytics and data reports to ensure optimal performance.

Why Are Google Ads So Important?


Google Ads give you more of an online presence and in a much faster time period than traditional means of advertising. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads will always be on the top of the first page of Google above organic search results. It happens almost immediately. Organic SEO alone can take many months before a website is on page one of Google search results.

A/B Testing.

Different ads are displayed on different platforms at the same time to see which ads are the most successful. The ads that are found to be the most successful, will be used most often on the best platform. Ads with poor results will be removed immediately.

Even when A/B testing is available on other advertising channels, removal of the low-performing ads takes some time to remove. This is where the analytics are important because you will be able to get an accurate report of the number of people who clicked on which ad, the ad campaign they clicked on, etc.. This knowledge is also the power to create similar ads that will be successful in the future.

What is Google Ads


Retargeting ads can be used to follow people who visited your website, so they don’t forget about your website. These ads serve as reminders and the people targeted are more likely to return and make a purchase.

Ads can be selected for varying locations, time, and keywords. You get to choose what is displayed and when. You can also choose to use ad extensions which give more information about the business within the ad such as address, phone number, and other pertinent information.

Ad extensions give your ads more visibility on search engine result pages (SERP). Often, ad extensions increase the number of clicks on the ad.

Control how much is spent.

You can decide how much money is spent on ads and you can change that amount at any given time. You can set your budget for the month, week, or even the day. If you change your mind, you can change the budget amount immediately.


Google Ads give advertisers the ability to save time, develop successful ad campaigns, be flexible when choosing ads, and monitor their ad budget to save money. If you are interested in using Google Ads to help your business grow, send an email to hello@dignitas.digital for your free consultation.

Felicia Topsale