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Getting Started With Articulate Storyline 360!

Ever wondered how those nice courses are created where you just use simple gestures to complete them? Well, Articulate 360 is a complete and impressive suite that will suit all your needs. It complies all the useful tools into one single unit so that you don’t have to go around the whole internet searching for them. But today we are here to talk about one of the best online course development tool by Articulate i.e Storyline 360.

Using Storyline 360, you can develop intuitive and interactive courses that aren’t only beautiful but light weight and easy to understand. Some of the highlights of this amazing tool include Gesture Support, Optimization for different sized browsers and playback support for mobile devices. But only your imagination limits you when it comes to using Storyline 360 to build products or e-learning courses. You can build courses that are interactive to user input and user can also interact with the courses using gestures as well.

To start with Storyline 360, head over to their website, sign up for a demo and download Articulate 360. Once you download and install it, open it and you will be greeted with a screen like this

You will rather see Install instead of Open in your case. Once you hit Install, Storyline 360 will be automatically installed on your system. And then you will see the option Open like above. And if you click Open, you will be automatically taken to the Storyline 360 where you will see something like this.

Once you are into Storyline 360, all you have to do is click New Project to get started. Once you start a new project, you will be taken to the Story View by default and that is where the real fun begins. Story View of a project is the combination of Scenes which in turn are a combination of Slides, makes sense? If you’ve gotten this far with the setup, now remains the fun part which is actually creating a e-learning course!

And if you want to dig in deep and create your own e-learning course on the fly, stay tuned and do subscribe to our newsletter!

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Shushant Tyagi