Email Marketing 101: How to Re-engage With Your Past Clients

Email Marketing 101: How to Re-engage With Your Past Clients

Have you ever wondered how to give your past clients a VIP treatment that brings them back into the fold? Well, get ready to dive into a re-engagement strategy that’s as effective as it is heartfelt.

You know the drill – clients come and go, but what if you could bring them back for another round of training, support, and success?

With the power of a carefully crafted email series, you can remind them of their incredible journey and inspire them to take the plunge once again.

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In this article, we’re unlocking the secrets of an email marketing campaign that not only rekindles old connections but also turns past clients into enthusiastic patrons once again.

For instance, let’s assume you are a certified fitness trainer, who’s looking forward to engaging with your past clients. Considering the same, here are the steps you can follow:


Step 1: Re-Engagement Series

Email 1: Gratitude and Recognition

Start your re-engagement journey by showing appreciation to your past clients. In this email, express your gratitude for their previous support and acknowledge their importance to your business. Make them feel valued and remembered.

  • Subject Line: “Thank You for Being a Part of Our Journey”
  • Express gratitude for their previous business and the progress they made during their training period.
  • Reference their specific achievements: “Remember when you achieved [specific milestone]? You did amazing!”
  • Reinforce the impact you had on their fitness journey.


When to Send: Send this email immediately to reignite their memory of your business and the progress they made.


Email 2: Success Stories and Inspiration

Share inspiring success stories related to your products or services. Stories have a unique power to captivate and resonate with readers. Highlight how your offerings have positively impacted other clients, creating a sense of trust and aspiration among your past clients.

  • Subject Line: “Reignite Your Fitness Journey with Inspiring Success Stories”
  • Share success stories of past clients who re-engaged with your services and achieved even greater results.
  • Highlight before-and-after photos, testimonials, and measurable improvements.
  • Include a CTA to encourage them to learn how they can achieve similar results again.


When to Send: Send this email a few days after the first email to build excitement and motivation.


Email 3: Exclusive Offer

Now that you’ve rekindled their interest, present an exclusive offer as a token of appreciation for their loyalty. This could be a discount, early access to new offerings, or special membership benefits. Ensure that this offer is genuinely enticing and relevant to your recipients.

  • Subject Line: “Unlock This Exclusive Offer for Our Valued Past Clients”
  • Present a limited-time offer exclusively for returning clients.
  • Example: “As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering you 20% off your next training package!”
  • Include a clear CTA to schedule a consultation and discuss their fitness goals.


When to Send: Send this email a few days after the second email, giving them time to think about their fitness goals and the potential benefits of returning to your services.


Step 2: Success Stories

Email: Reinforcing the Transformation

Following the initial re-engagement emails, it’s essential to continue building trust and credibility. Send a follow-up email that reinforces the positive transformations your products or services can bring about. Share more success stories and customer testimonials, demonstrating that your offerings consistently deliver value.

  • Subject Line: “From Past Success to New Achievements”
  • Share a specific success story of a past client who returned to your services after a break.
  • Describe how they surpassed their previous achievements and set new fitness records.
  • Emphasize the role your training played in their ongoing success.


When to Send: Send one or two success story emails every 1-2 weeks, spreading them out over a month or so. This interval keeps the stories fresh in the minds of your past clients without overwhelming their inboxes.


Step 3: Exclusive Offers

Email: Limited-Time Return Offer

As your re-engagement series progresses, it’s time to introduce a limited-time return offer. Create a sense of urgency and exclusivity by emphasizing the short duration of the offer. Encourage past clients to take action and make a purchase or revisit your website to redeem the offer.

  • Subject Line: “Your VIP Invitation: Return to Our Training with a Special Offer”
  • Remind them of their previous training experience and accomplishments.
  • Offer a special package that includes personalized sessions, nutrition coaching, and a discount.
  • Create urgency: “Limited spots available for our returning clients!”


When to Send: Send the “Limited-Time Return Offer” email a week or two after the final email in the re-engagement series. This gives them time to digest the success stories and benefits you’ve shared.


Recommended Email Sequence

The overall timeline for this strategy might look something like this:


Week 1 – Email 1: Gratitude and Recognition

Week 2 – Email 2: Success Stories and Inspiration

Week 3 – Email 3: Exclusive Offer

Week 4-8 – Success Stories emails (1-2 emails spaced 1-2 weeks apart)

Week 9-10 – Exclusive Offer email


Note: These are general guidelines, and you can adjust the timeline based on what you think would be best and the feedback you receive from your audience. It’s also a good idea to track engagement and conversion rates to refine your approach for future re-engagement campaigns.


Final Thoughts: From Inactive to Active Clients

Re-connecting with your disengaged clients through email marketing is a powerful strategy that can yield great results if utilized properly. Now you have a fair understanding of how to get started with engaging your past clients via cold email outreach.

Make sure to intertwine the expression of gratitude and recognition, and showcase remarkable success stories with exclusive, time-sensitive deals. This is essential to craft a successful re-engagement campaign that resonates deeply with your past clients.

Remember, the journey doesn’t end here. You must keep a close eye on how your past clients respond as they adhere to your plan of action. Don’t forget to analyze your open rates, clicks, and conversions to fine-tune your approach. This will help you maximize the impact of each email communication.

Incorporate these tips into your email campaign and be prepared to welcome back your former associates. In case you need any professional assistance, Dignitas Digital can help you achieve your marketing goals and objectives smoothly. Get in touch with us.

Till then, happy re-engaging!

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