Important Elements of Graphic Design

During the last six years of working as a graphic designer for Dignitas Digital, I learned every essential aspect of graphic design. The perfect blend for graphic design is to understand the balance of colors, elements and typography. With the right balance, you can make meaningful, creative and impressive visuals for websites, digital marketing, social media platforms, or offline print ads. You must know what to use or avoid.

In addition, before designing any creative visual, you have to know its purpose, role, destination, and target-audience. You must design something unique for a memorable graphic. Before starting any graphic design, keep the following elements a top priority:

Key Elements of Graphic Design


Be aligned with the purpose and message of the creative. Know who the buyers are as well as their emotions. Once you know, it will be easier to use relevant graphic elements, themes, copy and the right typography. Emotion plays a major first role to initiate a quality design whether it is a product, conceptual, or a story. Creativity always follows emotion.

graphic design by Anne-Sophie Leens                                                                                                               Art by Anne -Sophie Leens


 After selecting the right elements and copy, you have to infuse creativity through your lateral ideas. Think creatively and design to mesmerize! You have to know where you place ingredients according to the demand of the visuals. The placement of the picture, elements and copy should make complete sense for every design. If not it is a complete clutter of valuable things. What could be worse than that?! This skill may be improved by practicing it on a regular basis by analyzing the creative work of others. Creativity is a blessing we learn through practice. It takes time. What comes after creativity is technology.


The final aspect required for completing a visual to its finest level is technology. With the aptitude of technical knowledge, you must implement graphic elements, copy and other stuff very well, utilizing your creative approach in the right way. The knowledge of various modern graphic tools comes from years of experience using them. To be a modern graphic designer, you surely need to have the skill of utilizing various design tools of the latest versions in to create innovative modern designs, without limitations.

If you follow the aforementioned symmetry before creating any design, you must achieve your goal easily and timely, defeating new challenges on daily basis.