digital services outsourcing to another country

Digital Services You Should and Shouldn’t Outsource to Another Country

Businesses in the United States increasingly outsource work to other countries in order to save money. According to, in 2017 the global outsourcing market amounted to almost 89 billion U.S. dollars. Outsourcing is very popular. It may seem like almost every business is doing it, especially when it comes to digital marketing. If you choose the right digital marketing avenue, there will be many benefits.  Let’s examine the digital services you can outsource successfully.

Digital Services You Should Outsource

Content Marketing

E-books, blogs, social media posts, case studies, and videos are all forms of content marketing. Businesses need a lot of content to reach their target audiences. It is difficult for one person to write, edit, and manage a lot of content for multiple channels. It is also costly to hire a content or marketing team. Define your company’s needs and goals. This makes it easier to find the right digital agency abroad to help you achieve your goals. A digital agency will allow you to work with an experienced content creator to provide researched, professional content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered a form of content marketing. Developing an email marketing campaign can be time-consuming and tedious. By outsourcing, you will save a lot of time and have the benefit of working with experts who understand how to make a campaign successful. With a designated person or team monitoring your email campaigns while utilizing automated email marketing software, you can find out very quickly what emails are effective, as well as try new email marketing tactics. Outsourcing will also help you achieve your goals in a shorter period of time.

Website Design

Outsourcing a company for your website is a wise choice because it will save time and money since production costs are lower. Agencies in countries outside of your time zone may be able to work more hours on your website and complete production and upgrades in a shorter time than someone working locally.  Also, you have access to an experienced team developing and designing your website. In addition, some high-tech resources that are offshore, may not be available in your country. Having a high-tech website that is different and better than your competitors will make your website stand out.

Digital Advertising

Aside from the lower price of advertising online when you outsource, digital marketing professionals will give you insights about your business and your industry that can be very helpful. Outsourcing Digital Marketing to India is a better option and your advertising campaign will be monitored closely, and you will have data to prove the results of your campaign. Ads that are not successful can be removed quickly and you will have more time to focus on other areas and aspects of your company that require more attention.

Offshore agencies offering content marketing, email marketing, website design, and digital advertising are easy to find in almost country and the results can be great when working with knowledgeable and experienced people of an agency. However, there are a couple of services to avoid outsourcing at all costs.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is most successful when it is in-person. Outsourcing business analysis services for your company makes it very difficult to have regular face to face interaction. Cultural and language differences can be a barrier. Markets and verticals differ greatly from country to country. What works well in one country doesn’t work well in other countries. It is best to keep business analysis for your company or business in-house and/or within your own nation.

Product Management  

The responsibility of a product manager is to solve the what problems not how problems. A product manager’s focus is on the market and customers. When a problem arises and a decision is made to fix the problem, distance and time zones differences make communication within the product team difficult to manage in real-time.

If you choose to outsource digital services to another country, think very carefully and do as much research as you can before you decide.

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