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Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 and What The Experts Say?

In the past 2 years, we have seen a massive shift in businesses towards digital or online due to the pandemic. As we look ahead to 2022 and years to come, it is obvious that the way digital marketing works are bound to change a lot as well.

With each coming year, digital marketers have to juggle with Google and other search engines to adapt to new roles to get aligned with the fast-changing pace in SEO. Similarly, with paid ads and social media, it is about getting disciplined with evolving regulations and emerging social channels.

Face officially changed its name to Meta and modern digital advertising is being challenged by privacy concerns. As a leading digital agency in Philadelphia, we wanted to bring out some important points to consider to steer the course into future opportunities and potential issues.

We asked several marketing experts about their take on this, and what are the key strategies they’re considering this year to extend reach, boost awareness and maximize revenue. Let us hear what the experts have to say.


Brian Dean

Founder of Exploding Topics

The omnichannel approach is automation’s soul mate. They require and complement one another, resulting in a superior e-commerce experience for both buyers and merchants. To sell on marketplaces, stick to the tried-and-true method of investigating buying trends as well as consumer needs, concerns, and priorities, which are changing faster than ever in 2022.

You can make all of your channels – including marketplaces – into a single purchasing experience by offering consistent information across all of your sales channels, high-quality visual materials, and a consistent brand image. It’s also crucial to give them a method to transfer across channels: from online ads to the marketplace, from social media to your virtual store, and so on. We gained up to 166% more attention from the user with an omnichannel approach than with a single-channel sales approach.


Valerie Fischer

Founder and Co-owner, The Conversion Engine

Marketing is about empathy rather than tactics: This may sound more like motivational advice than a marketing one, but I think that it is ever more important for marketers and entrepreneurs to find the Why in their businesses. It requires inner brain-work more than anything. Technology is so dynamic right now that whatever skill or tactic you learn will immediately be replaced by a new one in a month’s time. When the Purpose, Values, and Characters are clear, everything else falls into place. Branding, messaging, marketing. When you follow your Why, your tribe will follow you.

Marketing campaigns should be more intentional in reaching your audience, creating rapport, empathizing, and building relationships. Imagine stories that are more streamlined and relatable. Selling to the limbic system more than the prefrontal cortex with emotions you evoke in marketing strategies will prove to be beneficial for everyone this coming year.

Because truly, marketing is more about empathy rather than tactics.


Toshy Penny

Founder at Logical SEO

We expect digital trends to continue in their current direction. Technology is not slowing down, and prominent business thought leaders (e.g., Marc Andreessen and Marty Cagan) say that companies need to leverage the best technology to be in the best position to succeed.

While we’re a small startup, we’ve seen this transition first hand. We recently changed website builders (from Squarespace to WordPress/Elementor) and we couldn’t be happier with that transition. We went from a cluttered and inefficient website to a platform that can do things we never could have conceived of Squarespace.

We fully expect technology and digital experiences to continue in their current trajectory and we will be embracing those trends and watching them unfold because we believe we need to in order to be the best we can be.


Aseem Kishore

CEO at Help Desk Geek

The onset of the pandemic came as a shock to the system of many, including workplaces that were left unprepared and had to rapidly adapt to the new normal. But with things now slowly getting back on track it is heavily projected that technology will take lead in workplaces. It should be noted that hyper-automation is a trend to look out for, any task that doesn’t require physical presence or social skills would become automated by using AI technology. secondly, another upcoming trend can be seen to be the use of AI to help in bridging the gap in digital dexterity. And lastly, any technology that ensures efficient communication in a crisis.

In my personal opinion, digital marketing will continue in the future as well because companies have realized that most of the work has been shifted online. Reversing that change is extremely difficult and nearly impossible, which is why the companies which have adapted to these processes will try to glean maximum results from it before moving forward.


Alex Tucker

Founder at LoverFighterWriter

Here’s what I think will happen marketing-wise in 2022:

Influencer Marketing – Influencer marketing is already becoming mainstream, and it will become even more so. More brands will realize they can leverage influencers to reach new customers, build credibility and increase traffic.

Short Form Video Content – Short-form video content will continue growing in popularity. People love this kind of content because it’s easy to consume and often more fun. This can really help a business connect with its audience.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is still growing in popularity. Competition is increasing, however, so brands will have to adjust. Some will create even more attractive and lucrative programs. Others will raise the barriers to entry and recruit fewer affiliates.

Brand Partnerships – Brands will leverage their newfound skills of video conferencing and electronic communication to create more partnerships and bigger networks.

Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing will still be going strong. Companies will continue spending more money on Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, TikTok ads. It’s not surprising that social media continues to gain traction with so many people cooped up at home.

Email Marketing – Email marketing is still going strong, too. Companies will continue to invest heavily in email marketing.

Non-Fungible Tokens – NFTs are gaining momentum. The number of non-fungible token games is increasing, and more creators are learning to use them to help build and stimulate their online communities.


Emily Anderson

Head of Marketing at ROI Hacks

TikTok Ads will become even more popular and more important for running profitable PPC campaigns in 2022. Based on my experience, the ROAS of TikTok ad campaigns has massively outperformed similar Facebook ads campaigns as the competition is still relatively low compared to the Meta ad platform. So, if a business relies on PPC to bring in a significant share of its revenue and is not actively advertising on TikTok, they should definitely take advantage of the potential of TikTok ads in 2022 while the competition is still moderate.


Holly Burrell

Community Manager at Airconditioner Lab

AI applications can help predict what customers are likely to buy in the future based on their past purchases and browsing history. At the same time, AI is most commonly used in marketing automation to automate basic tasks like reporting on website traffic and recommending various keywords to optimize a company’s search results. Marketers are also working on AI applications that can help predict what customers can often buy in the future based on their past purchases records and browsing history. AI can be used in conjunction with SEO and other digital marketing strategies in 2022.

Along with AI, the virtual assistant is becoming increasingly popular. Chatbots can answer consumer questions without the need for human intervention. The chatbot’s AI gives it a distinct personality, making the customer experience more engaging.

PR element to gain credibility, where others are quoting or mentioning your high-quality content and increasing the traffic of consumers leads to business growth.


Final Thoughts

Each and every marketing campaign needs detailed and thorough research in advance to get the success you need. Partnering with experts who deeply understand the bits and bytes of their role can make a big difference to your business. Want to escalate your marketing game and increase your revenue, turn on our digital marketing services.

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